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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Bengaluru, Karnataka Sep 19, 2022 ( – Nature inFocus is well-known for its efforts to highlight the many species of wildlife in India. It’s also an important resource for information about the unique retreats and adventures available throughout the country.

One of those is Gandikota, dubbed the Grand Canyon of India. Steeped in history, it’s a highly popular tourist attraction. Located on the banks of the Pennar River, there are plenty of scenic views and birdwatching opportunities. The best time to visit is between Sept. and Feb. when the weather is more moderate.

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Gandikota roughly translates to gorge fort and dates to 1123. The city of Gandikota is small, so many visitors begin their adventure at the Haritha Resort in Jammalamadagu or choose one of the tiny lodges for a simpler and lower-cost option.

To explore the Kumaoni landscape, consider Jim’s Jungle Retreat, located on the southern border of Jim Corbett National Park. The family-friendly retreat offers luxurious eco-lodge accommodations and features self-sustainability – it’s a no-plastic zone. Individuals can take guided tours to learn about the native birds, and tree species, andsee termite mounds.

The nearby Park offers jeep and canter safaris where visitors can see elephants and maybe catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal tiger. At Jim’s Jungle Retreat, visitors can take bird or butterfly walks and there’s a Young Ranger’s program for children. The best time to visit is Sept. through Nov.

Narara National Park features a fascinating environment where visitors can walk among coral reefs between high tides. The park is home to a wealth of avian life and marine species. The mangrove swamps are breeding grounds for colonies of birds that are just steps away from being a threatened species.

Located in the Gulf of Kutch, it encompasses 42 islands, 33 of which have coral reefs, and some have sandy beaches. There are numerous accommodation options ranging from budget to high-end. No jeep safaris are available. Exploration is on foot only. The best time to plan a visit is Nov.-March.


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