TripCandy Launches Crypto Travel Platform To Boost Travel Experience

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By making crypto “fun, safe, and simple,” the company aims to introduce new engaging experiences for travelers across the globe.


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Sep 12, 2022 ( – TripCandy, a crypto travel booking company, today announces the launch of its new travel platform. It allows multiple payment methods, including crypto, for bookings of hotels and flights, while rewarding users with loyalty crypto cashback. By bridging Web2 to Web3, they aim to improve ease of use and boost the overall customer’s travel booking experience with blockchain technology.

TripCandy aims to be the first travel platform within Asia to leverage its very own crypto token, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and multiple payment channels within its cashback reward framework. This means that from booking flights to choosing the hotels to stay in, the platform is here to empower travelers to save more while getting cryptocurrency rewards, $CANDY (the company’s tokens built on the Binance Smart Chain).

In order to maximize the value users get from holding CANDY, TripCandy will leverage various strategies to drive perpetual demand. These include dedicating a percentage of the company’s sales to buyback tokens from the market and returning them to the customers as cashback. Likewise, the company plans to add more travel-related goods and services, including activities, and insurance, to generate more demand for CANDY.

For users, this doesn’t only mean cashback rewards for their next trip but also an opportunity to invest their “travel spending” to earn even better rewards or higher returns. Travelers will also be able to stake CANDY within the platform itself, getting a consistent interest in the long-term, or save the tokens in their wallets and use them for their next trip.

However, TripCandy’s plans with crypto don’t end there. In the future, the company is also planning to introduce a “Book Now, Pay Later” structure that will enable travelers to book their trips first and pay for them later through a series of installments. This system will be powered by custom non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and staking on the TripCandy platform. The NFTs would serve as collateral for TripCandy to lend travelers the money to travel, with options to pay back over time at a small interest.

“Imagine traveling without having to think of how much it’s going to cost you or being able to go on various trips every year without spending a cent upfront,” says Jeremy Foo, the Founder & CEO of TripCandy. “We’re looking to add more joy to travel – that’s what it should all be about, and travelers have more freedom in planning their travel budgets in the future.”

TripCandy has partnered with well-known industry players, including, Agoda, and Expedia prior to the official platform launch, gaining industry exposure while learning from the best. With travel being one of the fastest industries to adopt blockchain technologies, industry leaders believe that such initiatives are vital for creating lucrative and engaging opportunities for today’s consumers.

About TripCandy

TripCandy is a crypto travel platform that aims to boost your travel experience through blockchain technology.

Leveraging cryptocurrency tokens ($CANDY), TripCandy aims to establish a premium standard in travel accommodations and services through the innovative use of blockchain technology.

$CANDY Contract Address: 0x639AD7c49EC616a64e074c21a58608C0d843A8a3

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