Anyside: An Innovative Web3 Name Service

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Anyside Blockchain Name Service  Cross Chain Web3 NFT Token

Anyside is a cross-chain Web 3.0 name service token, packed with utility that facilitates brand identity, and helps better navigate the Metaverse.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- California, United States Sep 12, 2022 ( – Did you know that 28 million NFTs were sold in 2021? Yet, over 60% of all crypto tokens sold to date have no utility. 

In the past few months, Blockchain Name Services have consistently topped the charts on most NFT marketplaces. In this booming market segment, Anyside aims to disrupt the space.

Every Anyside token provides its holder access to key utility features.

When you register an Anyside Web3 username, which can be made up of a combination of letters, numbers, and even emojis, you also get access to an exclusive and matching domain name URL that can be used as a short link in the bio. Users can set up and customize their Anyside page in seconds, displaying all their socials, NFT collections, and crypto wallets, all in one place, and easily receive payments on any blockchain.

The Anyside token is Cross-Chain compatible, which means that it can be registered (minted) on any compatible chain. Currently, compatible chains include Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon, and it is possible for more chains to be added in the future. Thanks to the Anyside Portal, users can also move their tokens from one compatible chain to another in just a few clicks and at any time. Currently, existing blockchain name services are often tied to and run on a single cryptocurrency, and cannot be migrated onto other blockchains. Users who adopt a blockchain name from an incumbent service are tied to the success of a single cryptocurrency. This could be problematic given how early blockchain is and how fast things are changing in the space. Cross-chain compatibility allows Anyside token holders to hedge against an unpredictable Web 3.0 future, and to ensure that the .Any name service will be relevant careless of which blockchains become dominant.

Furthermore, you can easily customize your Anyside NFT token in a few clicks, and you will be able to trade your Anyside names on most major marketplaces, such as Opensea, Solsea, and Magic Eden. 

Anyside’s API (Application Programming Interface) allows for easy integrations and is suitable for use by DApp (Decentralized Application) developers. Anyside API integrations can be used to facilitate crypto payments, authentication, and more, opening the door to more practical applications and further utility.

The importance of branding for Web3.

Name identity is becoming increasingly important in Web3. Beyond the vanity aspect, investors, developers, artists, influencers, and crypto enthusiasts already all understand the power and importance of branding in the metaverse. Meanwhile, multiple Web2 brand names such as Adidas to Dolce & Gabbana have started to claim ownership of their digital brand identities on Web3. A Web3 identity helps facilitate payments, develop branding, and enhance visibility, trust, and safety. Think of Anyside as a Web3 passport and your gateway into the Metaverse. 

Release planned for October.

Anyside names will be available for registration from October onward, and a free drop is also planned at launch. Anyside Twitter followers automatically qualify to claim the free Airdrop.





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