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The Vorz Metaverse is expanding

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Greater Metropolitan Area, Philippines Sep 9, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Vorz started as a hobbyist project by the co-founder’s Paul and Norlito, formerly Metavorz that was intended to be a community-driven metaverse project to experiment on a socio-economic prepulsion with the entertainment industry thus the vorz app was born as its first flagship project.

The Vorz is a project that will show how hardship and dedication in building a metaverse come from a hobby and passion, not just money and profit. Vorz app was available on the play store and ready to become the patch to the supposedly upcoming ban on TikTok soon because of the FCC pressure cracking China tech in the US market. The idea behind vorz is about the Blockchain technology being integrated into all of its project platforms to build a solution for the unbanked.

Building a Metaverse ain’t an easy task for the builders today as they need the resources and people to work with them accordingly to accomplish such a task. Vorz has booted its IDO in many chains but failed indeed but didn’t let them stop there. Today, the project vorz also joined some grant contests to exhibit its idea after its IDO path failed.

The Vorz app is a short video entertainment MVP, the same as Meta Reels and TikTok but Vorz will be building in the web3 and expanding into the realm of the web6 metaverse. The idea is to let the content creators own their content via its NFT Marketplace soon with minting and bid features. The goal is about the community working altogether to build a perpetual innovation instead of a single company. The power of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain made that happen for the unbanked co-founder Paul. In able to find a solution you need to experience it yourself as he quoted.

Today, vorz app had reached over 10,000+ downloads on the play store and harbored 20,000+ users on the app with 4000+ active users during its beta phase. It will be available on the web and iOS soon. Technology is expanding and so are the builders of this generation.

Vorz will act as a Gateway to Metaverse, as it will build more than just a short video-sharing app. Vorz Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, VorzSwap, Gaming Esports, TV, and lots more are to be expected soon. The Metaverse is today rather than tomorrow indeed.

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