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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Seoul, South Korea Sep 9, 2022 ( – From William Higginbotham and his team at Brookhaven National Laboratory, who invented Tennis for Two, to EA’s famous Call of Duty and FIFA 22, the game plays an essential role in the lives of 2.5 billion people. They give people a sense of accomplishment, enjoyment, creativity, socialization, stress coping mechanisms, enhanced cognitive function, and control over users and consumers (yes, of course!). Since the early 1950s, the game industry has been growing, constantly winning the technology race by being the first adopter of many new technologies and being at the forefront of the technology industry. It has evolved to the point where gaming has become an integral part of people’s daily lives. And with the epidemic and the global economic problems, P2E games and GameFi have even stood out from traditional games and become a topic we have to explore when we talk about games. [PT.FantaVerse]

In this industry context, UT was then born. UT, the full name Universal Token, is a universal token in the AAA 3D Web 3.0 metaverse game FantaVerse, capable of buying NFT skins, lands, armors, and even planets. In other words, owning UT gives you the chance to become a “King” in the FantaVerse universe.  In addition to airdrops, FantaVerse also prepares various ways for players to quickly get UTs. for example, by purchasing armors and completing the corresponding UT missions to get exclusive UTs. Each set of armor has a corresponding energy value. The lower the energy percentage, the fewer UTs will be produced as players do missions that consume energy. At the same time, the higher the player’s character level, the more UT you can get. Of course, players do not have to worry about the consumption of energy value. NFT energy value is consumed and can be uniformly restored with diamonds. Diamonds are not worth mentioning compared to the UT obtained by completing the task. According to the exchange method to calculate, 1 UT can be exchanged for ten diamonds, so you can quickly gallop the FantaVerse battlefield. In addition, players can also participate in the mission by purchasing weapon NFT, character NFT, and other ways to obtain exclusive UTs.

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Whether it’s a traditional game or a P2E GameFi game, the publisher’s goal is to give players mental relaxation and satisfaction in the game, which is precisely what FantaVerse aims to do. Like the Ready Player One movie, FantaVerse hopes to bring players a natural OASIS, an out-of-this-world place where they can escape reality.

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