Use Internet Marketing and Beauty Professionals to Create Women’s Entrepreneurial Dreams

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Northern Taiwan, Taiwan Sep 7, 2022 ( – The epidemic has impacted the beauty and hairdressing industry, which is in close contact with people. During the severe epidemic, business was not good and there were no customers. The rent has to be paid, the staff has to be supported, and how can the business owner survive?

Liwen Ding, born in the 1980s, is the daughter of the head of Shanghao Enterprise. She is a second-generation traditional beauty practitioner. When the prosperity of Taiwan was good and the beauty industry was developing very well, the company used to have more than 20 stores. The company has diversified business operations and has assisted more than 5,000 women in creating various incomes. The company uses the beauty industry as a resource to help disadvantaged women in society obtain job opportunities and start a business, and at the same time move towards the company’s goal of sustainable operation.

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However, the epidemic came too fast, and the family’s beauty industry was the first to bear the brunt. There was no one in the store. As the second generation of the company, Liwen Ding saw that the business of the physical store was poor, so she decided to develop online marketing and never give up the goal of sustainable operation.

Liwen Ding said: “Many women, because of their limited environment, relatively weak, and unstable income, choose to cooperate with us. After working hard for one to two years, they can generate income of more than one million.”

Under the recession, physical stores have been under a lot of pressure in recent years. Liwen Ding is fortunate that she has been exposed to online marketing and has transformed her enterprise into internet marketing. She found that with the right approach, internet marketing can solve the problem of customer sourcing and promote sales faster and easier.

Comparing the before and after of network marketing, the gap is so big that Ding Liwen looks back and finds it incredible.

In the past, in order to earn a monthly salary of tens of thousands of dollars, she worked very hard. She was in the store 16 hours a day and she couldn’t get anywhere. When the business is good, the body is very tired, when the business is bad, the mental state is very tired.
In order for a new physical store to survive the stage of cultivating customers, it is necessary to prepare more than half a year of funds. That is to say, in the early stage of opening the store, I did not make money for many months, and I was sad.

But after using online marketing, it is not difficult to make tens of thousands of dollars a night. Liwen Ding said with a smile, “This gap made me not use to it at the beginning.”

The physical storefront is usually where customers have beauty needs, and beauty operators take advantage of this opportunity to promote products, but the number of people they are exposed to is very limited.

Internet marketing can reach more women who want to start a business at one time, and it can also reach more people who want to find skin care products through the Internet.

When Liwen Ding combines the network system with the original beauty and maintenance business, the use of network marketing can more widely and efficiently contact customers, interact with customers, and keep in touch with customers for a long time. Liwen shared her experience. She only advertised for one day, and more than 20 customers signed up for the briefing session she held. You don’t have to wait for customers, worry about a recession, and the growth rate expands by multiples.

Liwen Ding has successfully learned online marketing. In addition to being amazed at the convenience of the Internet, she also found that online marketing reduces the risks in the beauty business circle and costs less. Liwen said: “In 2019, Shanghao Enterprise Company had five stores in its hands. This year, it became only two, but its annual income is even higher, and it has exceeded 10 million in revenue.”

Shanghao Enterprise is now committed to helping more women to start beauty businesses through the Internet. Liwen Ding encourages every woman who wants to start a beauty business: “In the world of the Internet, opportunities are fair!”

Liwen Ding hopes to help anyone who is engaged in an online beauty business, or a woman who wants to run a side business, by imparting her expertise and experience, to use online marketing to conduct online marketing with the lowest entry threshold and in a more efficient way. Beauty business, to achieve the same success as her.

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