Is Dangbei Mars Pro worth it? How is Dangbei Brand?

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Dangbei alunching Mars Pro 4k Projector

In 2021, Dangbei shows up in the global market with its first 4K laser projector Mars Pro. There are some doubts about this new brand. This article will introduce the Dangbei projector to more people to know it.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Sep 5, 2022 ( – As a well-known Chinese intelligent large screen service provider, Dangbei is a comprehensive platform-type enterprise with a software matrix, intelligent system, and hardware R&D, and currently has over 200 million users.

Since its establishment, Dangbei has been focusing on the field of smart big screens and is a home Internet platform that integrates the whole ecology of software, hardware, and system. Dangbei realized its complete ecological chain of large-screen software and hardware integration. In China, Dangbei holds a very good reputation and rating.

It is widely reported that Dangbei entered the projector market in 2019. In less than 3 years, the Dangbei projector has firmly established its position as the 2nd Chinese projector. Dangbei was awarded the 2020 Jingdong Digital Fastest Growing Brand, and many of its products have won international awards such as Germany iF Design Award, IAI Design Award, and Italy A’ Award.

In addition, Dangbei also cooperated with many well-known enterprises such as LG, Sony, Optoma, Tencent, etc.

To sum up, Dangbei has favorable product development and customer service capabilities and is well positioned to provide customers with excellent after-sales service.

In 2021, Dangbei stepped into the international arena with its powerful flagship projector—Dangbei Mars Pro 4K laser projector.

From the appearance, the 4K mark is printed on the front panel of the projector, which introduces the greatest attractiveness—resolution. With its beautiful resolution, it can project the image with high definition. It restores the maximum amount of color and detail to the native picture. Put simply, users can see exquisite details even if the picture is magnified many times.

In terms of brightness, it features 3200 ANSI lumens, which can mostly reduce ambient light. So users can get a good watching experience whether in a dark or bright environment.

And Dangbei Mars Pro is certified by TÜV Rheinland as low blue light, which effectively reduces the harmful effects of short-wave blue light. You will not feel eye fatigue even if you watch it for a long time.

The projector adopts DLP display technology and uses an ALPD laser as the light source with a long lamp life of over 20,000 hours. So it has outstanding stability and durability.

In addition, it is equipped with multi interfaces which mostly meet different connection demands. And also adopts plenty of intelligent technologies such as intelligent obstacle avoidance and intelligent screen alignment, which makes its use more convenient. It also supports HDR 10, HLG, and MEMC.

Last but not least, it adopts a large memory of 4G RAM and 128G ROM, ensuring a smooth operation.

As a newcomer to the global projector market, Dangbei is trying to do more to provide better products and services to its customers. Being studied deeply in the projectors field, Dangbei will do more in product development and technology enhancement to provide smarter and more intimate projectors for projector users worldwide.

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