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Yash Shrivastava

Yash Shrivastava: India’s Youngest Product Manager at 21

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra Sep 3, 2022 ( – Yash Shrivastava is claimed to be one of the youngest product managers in the industry at the age of just 21. Currently, he is contributing his expertise in the fintech domain and looking to revolutionise the world with his strong opinion on the digital economy. 

Meet Yash Shrivastava, who started his career at 17 and today is pronounced to be one of India’s youngest product managers at just 21. He stated his professional career at a schooling age where others used to go to school he used to attend school plus work. He started off with a digital marketing company in the startup hub of India Bangalore. Worked there in sales and since he was passionate to learn the company eventually hired him for the role of marketing. At the age of 17 when teens usually relied on pocket money, he managed to take care of his own expense. When he started saving from his salary and had a minor bank account at 17 he was looking for ways to compound his money as the interest was not grating in a saving account so he came across the stock market and tried his luck there. He started with an investment that failed terribly all his money was saved and eventually developed an interest in the stock market. He exactly knew this was the future and decided to get into the Bombay Stock Exchange for his undergraduate degree to learn about the stock market in detail and started to network with brokers, fund managers, and family houses. He eventually learned and happen to get into a research house as a  research analyst trainee at 19 during his graduation and carved his way to becoming an investment professional. 

“All thanks to COVID-19 which gave me ample time to learn and grow professionally,” he says multiple times as he found utilising the time in upgrading himself and doing multiple courses and learning the real-life skillset which helped him grow. From an investment professional, he realized that tomorrow’s world is digital and developed a huge interest in the technology segment, and started working on building himself for the future. He started to read about fintech and understood that this is the kind of career he wanted to be in and started to develop skills to get into an organisation and expand his knowledge horizon into the fintech world. Soon in his 20s, he got placed in a fintech for a  managerial position based on his past experience and demonstrated skillset in the digital world and started working there. He worked in an algorithmic trading firm and happen to increase their business 10x over the period of two quarters and demonstrated his presence in the fintech world. He knows the future is digital and constantly worked on getting the right strategies into place to always meet the digital consumer needs and this is what differentiated him from other candidates. Based on his deep knowledge of the markets and deep understanding of the digital consumer he got into product management and started to live the life of his dreams in fintech working as a  product manager.

Currently, he is living the life in which he dreams of seeing the world digital and bringing finance to everybody’s fingertips. He is one of India’s youngest product managers at the age of 21 without any fancy degree and what got him here is purely his passion and love for the fintech industry. “One advice if I was added to give is to start working and start implementing” he explains that if he would have waited for the right time for Job then he would have never learned so much about what he is interested in. He also said that learning is important but getting real-life experience along with self-learning helps an individual to grow a fast trajectory.

Yash Shrivastava

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