The Story Behind The Rise of GDOG Coin

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There’s a new meme coin in town and it’s called GDOG. This token is set to launch on the Binance Smart Chain and has already generated a lot of buzz in the crypto community.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Amsterdam, Netherlands Aug 26, 2022 ( – There’s a new meme coin in town and it’s called GDOG. This token is set to launch on the Binance Smart Chain and has already generated a lot of buzz in the crypto community. But what makes GDOG so special? For starters, pit bulls are more famous than doges or shibas.

In fact, the pit bull is the only breed to have graced the cover of Life Magazine three times. Pit bulls have been featured in many films and TV shows, and they even have their own celebrities who own them. Fox, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Bernadette Peters, Alicia Silverstone, Linda Blair, This American Life host Ira Glass, Usher, Pink, and Eliza Dushku, are just some examples. This article is about GDOG and why this meme coin is taking over.

Pitbulls Are The True Boss of The Meme Community

Mauling doges and shibas aren’t GDOG’s only talent – they’re also excellent for risking it big for big rewards. To become a real G and achieve financial freedom, some risks need to be taken. People can’t expect to get rich doing dead-end jobs. Be a boss and buy into a community that is laser-focused on killing it in the meme coin world.

There’s Money To Be Made: It’s No Joke

DOGE has a market cap of just over $9,000,000,000. Shiba coin has a market cap of just over $7,000,000,000. There is a lot of money just sitting there waiting to be made. For everyone who wants a piece of the pie, GDOG is the way to go.

Not only that but GDOG’s team is stacked with some of the most experienced meme coin developers in the space. They have a solid roadmap and are constantly adding new features and improvements. GDOG is also one of the most active communities in the space, with a large and engaged group.

Not Just A Road Map: A Moon Map.

GDOG isn’t just focused on short-term gains – they’ve got their sights set on the moon. They have an ambitious moon map that includes plans to list GDOG on major exchanges. This will bring GDOG to a whole new audience and help GDOG achieve its ultimate goal: to become the #1 meme coin in existence.

By jumping on the rocket before it takes off, investors can make GDOG their new moon coin and ride it to the top. As GDOG skyrockets past other dogs, GDOG holders can wave at the Shibas and DOGE dummies with the famous pitbull in the boss deck of the luxury rocketship with a margarita in hand. It is only natural that the best dog takes the lead as the top dog in this industry.

Already A Star.

As mentioned earlier, pit bulls are already famous. They’ve been featured in films, TV shows, and magazines. GDOG is taking this one step further by making them the stars of the cryptocurrency industry. DOGE is dependent on Elon Musk. Tesla factory workers begged him to talk about it. Why depend on one celebrity when y an entire community of GDOG holders can take the project to the moon?

Pitbulls have been featured not only in magazines but they are the loyal companions to some of the most powerful people on this planet. Madonna, for example, has been photographed with her many pit bulls over the years. 50 Cent, too, is a well-known pit bull owner. Heck, even one of the most successful Latino American rappers, Pitbull, got his name from the breed.

GDOG is in good company and is destined for greatness. They are also supporting the charity as 1% of the tax fee is reserved for abused dogs, especially pitbulls as they face systemic, relentless abuse and neglect. They’re seen as macho status symbols–they’re taunted, abused, used as showpieces–and they pay a heavy price.

Fetch Rewards

Every transaction of $GDOG has a 10% tax each and 2% are given to holders as BUSD rewards. This means that holders are getting this stable coin in their wallet with every transaction. Imagine holding GDOG when it hits an exchange. The price is going to the moon and holders will be laughing all the way to the bank.

3% goes to liquidity (LP tokens to dead address) and 4% goes to marketing. This ensures that GDOG will have the funds it needs to keep growing and reach new heights. By bringing together pitbull lovers and crypto enthusiasts, GDOG will become the most powerful meme coin in existence.

Limited Supply, Limited Time

With only 1 billion $GDOG in existence, this is a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a project with unlimited potential. GDOG could easily become the next DOGE and even bigger, but with a more sustainable business model and a passionate community behind it.

The true way to achieve substantial wealth is to get in early before the mainstream catches on. By having the first mover’s advantage, the early adapters can make GDOG the new hyped moon coin.

GDOG to the Moon

All it takes is one big name to take GDOG to the moon. Who will it be? Who knows, maybe a major celeb will mention it in a Tweet and send it to the moon. GDOG is a force to be reckoned with, and they’re just getting started. Pitbulls are the most badass dogs, not those fluffy lame coins.

GDOG is a meme coin that is the one to watch. Get GDOG while it’s still early.

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