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Dubbed as the Pinoy Web3 Short Video App

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Metropolitan Manila Area, Philippines Aug 23, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Vorz App debuted not long time ago to become one of the Philippines’ first metaverse short video apps, an alternative to TikTok and Reels. The market for short videos was growing exponentially but some want it done, Brendan Carr, a commissioner of FCC, and some US senators demanded the banning of the Chinese App TikTok because of National Security reasons. The move will impact the TikTok Filipino influencers & users who relied on the app for income, hence building an alternative will be the best step for such Filipino start-ups.

TikTok was a hit in the Philippines, with over 40 million Filipino active users. Many of the biggest artists and even politicians use TikTok in the Philippines such as the former senator & vlogger, and now President of the Philippines Bongbong Marcos, but the president seems stopped using it because of the concern that it can spy on the people. The absence of TikTok soon meant that the market will need to read new homegrown short-video apps which can be an alternative to TikTok.

The Vorz Co-founder Paul Candelario stated that he will be pushing the idea and mantra of the hashtag “Vocal For Local PH” starting on the idea of Entertainment Metaverse with Vorz App. The aim is to inspire and boost the morale of local talents by supporting local products while encouraging skills helping the economy push the innovation of digital Blockchain and Metaverse push in the country. Vorz was Dubbed the Pinoy Web3 Short Video App to teach people what blockchain and metaverse are via short videos and streaming while mass adopting the use-case of blockchain technology in the Philippines and around the globe.

Vorz will be building in the Polygon chain as one of the first web3 short video apps in the making. It also Partnered with Polygon Studios for long-term support in the future. The app will be offering almost everything starting from its short video posting, into the NFT marketplace where users can convert their content into NFTs for ownerships, a shop to buy and sell things, a gaming hub for gamefi partners, and more, all powered by its governance and utility VORZ token. An Entertainment Metaverse in one Socialfi!

Manila-based Vorz Labs offered an alternative for the likes of TikTok and Reels to share videos, engage with fans, and earn opportunities. The beta app is already available on Google Play Store and is soon to come to iOS App Store. The start-up is currently doing a multiple Pre-seed Funding Rounds program via the power of Blockchain to push the idea. The metaverse is today and those who speculate it will be left behind if they don’t hop in while it is early.

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