NayaOne Organised Blockchain Hackathon with IIT-Kharagpur and CodeClub

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NayaOne x IIT Kharagpur Blockchain Hackathon 2022

Theme – Blockchain Synthetic Data Creation

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra Aug 23, 2022 ( – On the 76th Independence Day of India, global Digital Sandbox provider, NayaOne HQ London in partnership with India’s renowned technology institute, Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur, and Code Club, hosted the maiden edition of NayaOne x IIT Blockchain Hackathon 2022 (15 – 20 August 2022). A four-day hackathon event was organised and sponsored by NayaOne to provide access to more than 150+ Datasets, and 500+ APIs through its Digital Sandbox-based Hackathon platform. India’s renowned blockchain expert, Kamlesh Nagware, CTO, of Snapper Future Tech, joined the initiative to support the students as a mentor. More than 350+ students from the institute participated to find solutions.

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NayaOne Blockchain Hackathon event enabled IIT-Kharagpur students to collaborate intensively to create Blockchain Synthetic Data. There were two different challenges set for the participants, ‘Blockchain Network Forecasting’ and ‘Interoperable Blockchain Model’. The solutions were judged by NayaOne’s expert internal panel on parameters of Data accuracy, Complexity, and relevance of the data model chosen to model and predict, Clarity of presentation, The quality of code, and The practicality of solution implementation.

More than 100+ Sandpits were launched during the Hackathon by the participants. NayaOne provided customised Blockchain and other leading APIs from its marketplace and Datasets to use.

The winning team ‘Chained Together‘ worked to solve the problem statements and emphasised aspects to create feasible, industry-level Synthetic Data. The first runner-up teams, ‘AI/ML Data Analysis‘ and the second runner-up team ‘Doge Miners‘ also showed excellent problem-solving skills and hard work to push through the four-day-long challenge.

Speaking on the win at the event, team “Chained Together”, Lakshya Satpal and his team said, “It’s exciting to be able to come together with other professionals to proffer solutions to some of the biggest problems plaguing the Blockchain industry. We have to say a big thank you to NayaOne for the platform. We truly can’t wait to see us build the Blockchain industry we all deserve to take India ahead”

NayaOne CEO, Karan Jain says, “We are happy to see how the first edition of NayaOne x IIT Blockchain Hackathon 2022 turned out and we are grateful to all who participated, mentored, and our internal teams for such a seamless execution. It’s heartwarming to see a new generation of thinkers who are passionate about solving the industry’s issues and building the future of finance.

I can’t wait to see NayaOne x IIT Blockchain Hackathon 2022 grow as we continue to build our industry and help interested individuals find their X-factor and launch their careers with more such events with other IITs in India”, he added.

NayaOne is a fintech of global acclaim that has been conducting hackathons in association with organisations including SWIFT and RBI (Reserve Bank of India) to solve crucial challenges such as Financial Inclusion, ESG, CBDC, Digital Assets, Green Tech, and many more. NayaOne’s Hackathon-as-a-Service is a unique service that allows participants from the coder community, educational institutions, startups, and the financial and tech industry to access the rich and diverse library of APIs provided by NayaOne, and use it to build relevant and implementable solutions, and grow the developer ecosystem.

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