Formation of ABAIR to Provide Radiology Administrators, Technologists with AI Education Announced

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Eugene, Oregon Aug 8, 2022 ( – American Board of Artificial Intelligence in RadiologyTM (ABAIR), a new presence in the medical diagnostic forum, announced today that they will be providing Radiology Administrators and Technologists with an opportunity to become well-versed experts in the world of AI for radiology.

“We are proud to be the founding members of this new educational venture and are excited at the opportunity to expand the certifications for radiology administrators and technologists,” said Tom McLaughlin, RT, MBA, founding member of ABAIRTM. “We feel strongly that additional education and certification provides medical professionals with essential tools to help their department effectively analyze the growing volume of AI technology becoming available to their facilities.”

The ABAIRTM “Ai for Radiology Administrators and TechnologistsTM” is a comprehensive two-day course developed by a team of experts in AI. The primary focus of this course is to educate and empower radiology administrators and technologists to evaluate the AI technologies seeking to enter their radiology department.

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At the end of the course and certification, the Radiology Administrator and/or Technologist will be armed with the knowledge and tools to evaluate the impact of AI looking to come into their department.

“There is no doubt that AI is coming to radiology at a rapid pace,” said Orest Boyko, MD, founding member of ABAIRTM. “This course will empower the people that attend with insight into AI and its impact on their departments.”

“I look forward to helping the administrators and technologists further their careers,” said Shon Smith. Founding member of the ABAIRTM

“I am excited to be part of this ground-breaking opportunity for the radiology department and administrators. This is what is needed now,” said Matt Wilson, founding member of ABAIRTM.

In addition to the course ABAIRTM also plans to offer certification and “AiR” creditsTM. AiR creditsTM will be a unique way for attendees to build upon and further their knowledge of artificial intelligence. ABAIR’s ultimate goal, in partnership with industry colleagues, is to empower the next generation of medical professionals with the greater understanding of AI technology needed to succeed in the future of radiology.

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