Jelenew:The haute couture sports style mixes that changed the pattern of the fashion world

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Kat Graham in Jelenew cycling pants and Ste phane Rolland haute couture attends the closing ceremony


At the 75th Cannes Film Festival, American actress Kat Graham wore a cycling pants- haute couture dress look co-branded with Stéphane Rolland and Jelenew, which will lead to the return of the haute couture sports style.


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes Jun 20, 2022 ( – At the 75th Cannes Film Festival, American actress Kat Graham wore cycling pants- an haute couture dress look co-branded with Stéphane Rolland and Jelenew, which will lead to the return of the haute couture sports style

Recently, we discovered a more enjoyable and worthwhile topic. The haute couture brands have also cooperated with sports brands. At the closing ceremony of the seventy-fifth Cannes Film Festival that ended not long ago, American actress Kat Graham walked on the red carpet wearing a Stephane Rolland haute couture top and cycling leggings from a cycling sports brand Jelenew. What a wonderful and special moment this is.

When we admire the countless bright and beautiful costumes on the red carpet with the dazzling high-end jewelry, we are also deeply into a kind of aesthetic fatigue. They were supposed to be attractive as if they were supposed to be beautiful. But why can’t they show another type of beauty?

We were pleasantly surprised to see Kat Graham so boldly dressed on the red carpet, the first time professional sportswear has appeared on the red carpet of the grand Cannes Film Festival. Both fashion and sportswear are of great significance.

Throughout the history of fashion development, mix and match have always been the favorite dressing skill of fashion people around the world, and the mix and match style is the dressing rule that people have always loved and practiced. And there are many famous mixed styles in history. They even profoundly influenced and changed the pattern of the fashion world.

In 1988, Anna Wintour became the editor of the US Department of the fashion magazine “Vogue,” and the first cover shocked the fashion industry. Israeli model Michaela Bercu wore a $10,000 Christian Lacroix top and $50 jeans from Guess.

Looking at this outfit now, we may not have any more ideas besides looking good. But in those days, when “fashion” only belonged to the high-level game, $50 jeans could not enter the fashion threshold and could only be regarded as a pair of pants. But Anna broke the barrier for the first time. Not only has it subverted the rules of the entire fashion circle, but this kind of “civilian fashion” shocked the fashion industry, which is proud of the high class, but also led to a new wave of jeans, making the single product of jeans popular in a short time around the world.

Since then, the mix and match of sports style and high fashion has become more frequent. Of course, it also provides people with round after round of fashion feasts.

Sporty shoes from Dior by Raf Simos. In addition to the traditional sneaker styles, it subversively replaced the soles of classic high-heeled shoes with sports soles, giving this product, which has long been synonymous with elegance, a new sports style.

Since then, more and more high fashion brands have also joined sporty design.

Whether it is the sneakers launched by Chanel, the cooperation between Nike’s classic shoes Air Jordan 1 and Dior by Kim Jones, or the cooperation clothing series between Prada and Adidas.

Without exception, they are wearing a message: sports style is becoming more and more popular in high fashion, and it is bound to become a new force in fashion.

As early as 2017, MetGala, supermodel Liu Wen wore an Off-white denim dress and was selected as one of VOGUE’s best dresses of the year. This also reflects the perfect fusion of sports style and high fashion.

We learned that Jelenew, the cycling leggings worn by Kat, is an American sports brand that focuses on providing sports equipment for women. Especially in cycling, it broke the industry tradition and launched its 1+1 model of outer padded cycling pants. And Kat Graham is wearing cycling leggings from the 1+1 model, which also collaborates with Stéphane Rolland. And we also found through follow-up news reports and tidbits released by the brand that Kat herself is full of praise for the comfort of these pants. The haute couture designer Stéphane Rolland himself gave high praise to the cycling leggings themselves and the brand Jelenew.

When sports style has become a more and more new fashion force, we also hope to see more different outfits appear to show another beauty.

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