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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Aug 1, 2022 ( – Friday Night Funkin continues to conquer new heights. This game has become incredibly popular in a very short time, and mod makers create dozens of high-quality and interesting mods every day. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Friday Night Funkin mods ever made. Some of these mods have already made it to our other collections. Let’s start!

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Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses

All FNF players know this mod and love it. This mod has repeatedly found its way into our collections, and for a reason. In the new week, we meet charismatic and memorable characters who have their own character, their own history, relationships, and secrets (the final stage of the game).

It all starts with a harmless battle against the nun Sarvente. After defeating her, her friend Ruv comes to the rescue, and after defeating Ruv, something incredible happens (we will not spoil it). Pleasant music, pleasant characters, backgrounds, dialogues – all this you will find in Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses mod.

Tricky Mod

The Tricky Mod for FNF is also very popular and adds a whole new week with a charismatic character to your game. Last but not least, this mod is quite hardcore, and many Friday Night Funkin fans love complex mods. After the first few victories, the Trickster turns into something else, becomes a powerful monster, and under a cool track, you will have to fight him. In general, a well-deserved place in the collection.

Against Shaggy from “Scooby-Doo” / VS Shaggy Full Week

And this mod for FNF brought many players back to their childhood when everyone gathered and watched a cool cartoon Scooby-Doo. With this mod, one of the main characters will appear in your game – Shaggy, the owner of Scooby the dog. You will have to participate in a rap battle against him. Naturally, this is a completely separate week, the songs are completely unique (but familiar), and there is an Android version.

Friday Night Funkin HD

The first mod in our selection overhauls FNF itself rather than adding a new week and new characters. By the name you can already understand what this mod for Friday Night Funkin is intended for. The game has its own unique graphics, and good drawing style. However, with this mod, this drawing will become much more beautiful, everything will be transformed, and the game will be in HD quality. The mod is constantly updated, and new features are added. You can also play this FNF HD mod here online for free!

VS Hex Mod (Full Week) / VS Hex Mod

And here is an equally high-quality mod that once won the hearts of Friday Night Funkin fans – a full week against a harmless robot named Hex. He just wants to rap battle against his Boyfriend. This robot is as friendly as possible, but something terrible happens – it is hacked, it becomes dangerous for the environment, and only a Boyfriend can save him by defeating the virus.

Multiplayer in Friday Night Funkin / Friday Night Funkin’ Multiplayer

There is no need to explain anything here. If you want to play Friday Night Funkin in multiplayer – you have such an opportunity, you just need to install this cool mod. Play with your friends, and acquaintances, and just enjoy the new features.

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