Giotto. The crypto that drives the made in Italy in blockchain

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The crypto that aims to solve the age-old problem of counterfeiting by bringing the made in Italy productions of the top global brands to the web3 was minted in July.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Paris, France Jul 31, 2022 ( – Fashion made in Italy as perfection, it would seem to inspire the ticker and the name of the new Crypto, recently coined on Binance Smart Chain. With a supply of 100 Billion and an ATH of about $ 30 against the current price of $ 1.5, GIOTTO (GIOTTO) currently has a market cap of 150Billions.

The token is the cornerstone of a project that aims to create a community of excellence between operators in the production and industrial sector of Made in Italy fashion, well known throughout the world. The project is still at the concept stage but already shows signs of indisputable potential.

Millions of users all over the world are united and attracted by the Made in Italy fashion trends and this crypto, if wisely communicated, could have the numbers to attract considerable attention and investments.

Born from the company Giotto d.o.o. the project foresees to certify in blockchain the supply chain that leads from conception to the realization of each made-in-Italy garment to favor the reference brand and the final customer the complete tracing that favors transparency, uniqueness, and above all originality.

An absolutely interesting project because in addition to the natural charm driven by interests and influencers from all over the globe that revolve around the world of fashion, it would concretely contribute to the fight against counterfeiting, a problem that is worth a few billion dollars for the top global Brands. Precisely in 2021, the turnover of fakes made in Italy amounts to five billion and two hundred million euros. Garments, shoes, bags, and accessories end up in the hands of consumers every year among stalls, shops, and sites, sometimes not even aware. These are the data released by the OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

GIOTTO, therefore, in addition to representing a token and therefore a speculative financial instrument, is the tool that allows the development and construction of a long-term project, supporting the entire made-in-Italy sector.

The GIOTTO team boasts specific and over thirty years of expertise in the reference sector as well as an extremely capable team from a technological point of view, able to project the needs of operators directly on the web3.

Source :Giotto d.o.o.

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