MGM Box TV brings a smart collection of Android TV Boxes offering brilliant streaming facilities


The Android TV box lets you stream shows or movies to any TV, including those that don’t have smart features.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Paris, France Jul 29, 2022 ( – Renowned TV box provider from France, MGM Box TV brings a series of new TV boxes that are perfect for fulfilling the streaming purposes of the users. The company aims to bring a revolution to the television watching experience of the people in not just France but all over Europe with its incredible TV boxes. The company specializes in selling Android Box TV boxes from top brands such as BuzzTV, Formular, MAG, Yah, Xsarius, and more. Their TV boxes offer an excellent viewing experience to the users.

Their latest Box TV Formuler Z10 PROMAX 4k allows the viewers to watch high-quality content without any issue. They will be able to stream their favorite programs in 4K on the big screen. The Android Box TV has Android 10 and 4 GB RAM which makes the application launching extremely smooth. The Formulate Z10 SE 4K Android 10 OTT is a powerful IPTV Decoder provided by MGM Box TV. It allows the users to access IPTV with ease. The receiver is the successor to the Z+ Neo with a larger 2GB DDR4 RAM. It has a Realtek RTD1319 processor and ARM G31 MP2 graphics. Their xsarius Q4 is a new 4k UHD ott media decoder, powered by Android 9.0 OS and it offers a vibrant viewing experience and exceptional sound quality for both shows and games. The company sells various accessories for the TV boxes as well. They sell Ethernet cables, patch cables, remotes, and more at the most competitive rates. Their Formular advanced hybrid Bluetooth voice remote is powerful enough to optimize the TV and media experience of the viewers.

Android TV boxes are a little less common in the UK than around the world, and many still prefer a smaller streaming stick over larger TV boxes. Smart TV boxes and Android TV boxes work in almost the same way. They connect to the back of a TV so people can say goodbye to watching all their favorite shows on a tiny tablet screen. Android TV boxes are streaming devices that allow viewers to watch streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Hulu, and more on their television. Android TV boxes need to be connected to a TV via an HDMI port like the NOW TV Stick or Google Chromecast. But Android TV Boxes offer different functions and layouts compared to other similar devices.

The streaming services, on-demand services, and apps that viewers use may vary from brand to brand on Android TV. Viewers need to create accounts on many apps to watch for free. Sometimes they have to get subscriptions on some apps or streaming services to watch their favorite movies, matches, and other shows. Though Android TV Boxes are larger in size compared to Smart TV Sticks, their size corresponds to their power. Though choosing a smart TV Stick can be cheaper, Android TV Boxes offer a lot more power to the television. It not only offers a high-end viewing experience but provides a powerful gaming experience to the users as well.

MGM Box TV is a leading seller of Android TV boxes in France and all over Europe. The company brings a massive collection of high-quality Android TV Boxes, powerful decoders, highly-optimized remotes, and other necessary accessories, and more at affordable prices. They offer quick delivery within just 3 to 4 working days. The buyers can even exchange the products within 14 days without any hassle. The payment system at the website is 100% secure for the buyers. They have excellent customer service that is ready to guide the users all the time. Find out more on

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