Marc Ellis becomes the first UAE recruitment – Training Agency to enter the Metaverse in the GCC

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In line with HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Metaverse strategy which aims to create 40,000 Jobs, Marc Ellis Recruitment & Training enters the Metaverse

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jul 29, 2022 ( – Marc Ellis is one of the most iconic, advanced, and recognized brands in the IT Recruitment Industry within the UAE & the GCC and will become the first recruitment firm to transition into the Metaverse in the UAE.

In direct connection with the proposed Metaverse Strategy introduced by His Royal Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum to support the generation of 40,000 jobs, Marc Ellis will act as a pioneer in the recruitment industry in generating & assisting with finding the best talent in the Metaverse using the platform’s resources. Moreover, Marc Ellis will also be introducing the first-of-its-kind Metaverse Training Academy – where users can join training sessions conducted within the Metaverse – from anywhere in the world.

Marc Ellis aims to establish the go-to Metaverse-supported platform that will enable companies including MNCs, SMEs, and Private and government-based firms to hire the best talent available in the Metaverse. Aws Ismail, Director at Marc Ellis says “As an organization, Marc Ellis understands the business benefits that the Metaverse provides in the recruitment space, and we are interested in ensuring we explore all the tools available to us to help our clients and candidates find the best employees and jobs. There are currently more than 400 million active metaverse global users, giving us a huge potential of candidate pool that isn’t easily accessible using traditional methods”. Marc Ellis will adopt the strategic business potential and wide talent pool access that the Metaverse presents and support the hiring needs of the Metaverse strategy that will create jobs in the UAE.

Through the power of the Metaverse, recruiters will be more capable of contacting candidates as many users will shift themselves towards being based on a digital job hub. Innovatively, complete job descriptions will become more interactive and listed virtually for applicants to view and easily apply and give them an overview regarding how they may best fit the firm, including experiencing the working culture of a company. Crucially, technologies that are part of the Metaverse such as a blockchain will help safely contain candidates’ CVs and details concerning their reference list, educational background as well as skillset portfolio.

At the forefront of the Metaverse development and its potential impact on the recruitment industry, Marc Ellis has already developed a complete and independent office space with the latest Metaverse technologies utilized to begin the shift of recruitment-based practices in the UAE towards the digital space. In terms of the format of interviews, these can be successfully facilitated online via the use of VR and Metaverse-based office spaces, where candidates can visit the office and conduct interviews with recruiters virtually, Thus, the amount of highly skilled talent will become more accessible as there are no hiring borders or challenges.

Marc Ellis is currently in the research and development phase, with the recruitment firm ready to implement the best approaches and procedures in the recruitment space to propel job creation and hiring across the UAE and GCC within the metaverse.


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