Digital News Portal “Kshvid” Launches, ‘Integrity’ Its USP.


(Spin Digit Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra Jul 29, 2022 ( – Kshvid, a unique news portal, aimed at bringing in news/views from India &across the globe, with a fresh and healthy perspective has been launched today. The news website will bring in the news through its network of very experienced journalists, who cover a multitude of beats, which will resonate with online news consumers.

Speaking to the media on the eve of the launch, MrSriniGubbala, CEO of Kshvid said – “We have launched Kshvid with the singular aim of bringing in news from all around, with accuracy, brevity, and utmost integrity. While there is a clutter of portals of this kind, we all are aware that most of them are opinionated, and tend to color the news before presenting them to the consumers. Our team of experienced and well-balanced journalists at Kshvid will ensure that they stay away from any such attempts, and make sure that they report/present the news as and where it is.”

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“The genesis of Ksvhid is from the Sanskrit word, which literally translates to a whistle. The intent behind the nomenclature is, that we think those who read and consume the news at our place, also will keep whistling the news, because, it is 100%fact-based reporting. News and reporting integrity is our unique differentiator from all the other similar players out there”SriniGubbalaadded.

Apart from the conventional news offerings, which is a common feature across many news portals, Kshvid stands out in being foolproof in reporting, with a whole lot of editing and validation happening in the newsroom, to make sure that not a single fake news creeps into the site. “We are completely conscious of the fact that fake news is the biggest bane of any news portal, in today’s news ecosystem. So, we make sure the team spends a lot of time and effort in ensuring not one such fake news enters our portal. It’s to the point that as a team, and news outlet, Kshvid is paranoid about the appearance of fake news, be it anywhere” averred Gubbala.

Kshvidoffers an array of news, which is to the liking of all types of audiences, with multifarious interests. On the most happening, and liked political scenario, we are constantly updating the consumers almost 24/7, on happenings in Delhi, and the various state capitals in the country. We also make sure that consumer-oriented news, which is of value to them, gets top priority on the home page. For example, news such as the availability of complimentary Covid Booster doses to people across the country, free of cost, and similar reports get prominence in the site’s schema.

Sports news is always an exciting topic with events happening worldwide round the year. Sports enthusiasts across all games and events will get the latest updates, including local sports events happening all over India through Kshvid. Likewise, for entertainment news, be it from Hollywood or Bollywood- reports on events and persona there are constantly filed in the portal, with a set of dedicated reporters for each sport/event.


Lifestyle beat covers food, beauty, travel, culture, and relationships. A wealth of research and studies will be published on the news site on the various facets of life. Key topics like mental health, which is of great relevance in the post-pandemic times are written and reported, to ensure that the readers are benefited. “Apart from just India-centric news, the team atKshvidare also constantly monitoring and keeping up with international news, and filing them at the site,” said a spokesperson.

“The team is always ready to do fact-centric and unbiased reporting about international news from Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. This news is pivotal as it helps readers get updated on fact-based news rather than fake news that is easily spread across the internet” he added.


KSHVID is a current affair and news portal, contributed to by a dedicated team of media professionals from India and overseas. The news organization believes in unbiased reporting, and journalism in the most professional form, with unimpeachable integrity. Kshvid will always endeavor to provide news and information that is worth knowing and, above all, only the truth.

Kshvid, besides being a carrier of news from all over, would also serve as a platform and voice a range of citizen concerns and issues, which will impact people across different walks of life. It will serve as a whistle for issues and problems concerning the masses, in the nation.

For more information and media interactions, feel free to reach out to – Manikanta Mandi, at [email protected]


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