Maxwell LeVan Drops Emotional New Single “Lost My Mind”

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The Virginia artist released the second single for his debut studio album on July 22nd

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jul 26, 2022 ( – On July 22nd, pop punk singer and record producer Maxwell LeVan dropped the second single in support of his debut studio album. The acoustic pop track “Lost My Mind” is a significant break away from the musical style LeVan normally records. At a length of 3:36, it is the longest track the Virginia artist has released to date. The record starts with a 33-second acoustic guitar intro, followed by crisp vocals on a sorrowful first verse. The stripped-down guitar instrumental is constant until the middle of the second verse, where closed hi-hats come in, gathering momentum for an eventual beat drop. By the final pre-chorus, we hear half-timed kick drums and LeVan’s vocal delivery gets less emotional and more energetic. The final chorus, it is undoubtedly a pop song. While this is a rather uncommon musical arrangement, especially for a self-proclaimed “rockstar”, there is an undeniable emotional connection Maxwell is trying to make with his listeners on this single. Teasing more snippets of album tracks even since Friday, LeVan is seemingly finished with his unnamed debut album and may release a third and final single before the album drops at the end of the year. 

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