Enjoy The Authentic Nature Of R&B and Soul with Peter Lake’s Newly Launched Song “STONES”

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The passion that Peter Lake shows in each of his productions is simply unmatchable. The artist has left no stones unturned yet again with his new song “STONES.”


There are several artists who can perform at optimum levels with their preferred professional musical genres but only a few can excel in multiple genres of music. Well, American music artist Peter Lake is one of the few artists who carry the ability to buzz the musical space with alternative rock, pop, and R&B & soul. The latter is the genre that the artist has focused on recently while coming up with the song titled STONES. Within a very short time, the song has grown famous on every platform released. With a few musical elements of pop, the artist has delivered the number in the form of R&B and soul. The prolific artist releases his works under the label name Peter Lake Music.

Hailing from New York, the United States of America, Peter Lake has completely transformed the music industry with his contributions. The artist is a highly admired personality among many upcoming musicians when it comes to making a perfect fusion of beats and bass. The artist, with all his experience of more than a year, has become a sheer genius at his work. Some of the other commendable works from the artist include names like “Figure Out,” ” Sweet Abyss (What If I Need You?),” “Stay Baby Stay (Like A Lullaby),” and “Ghosts In Me,” “Whistle,” and so on. Listen to all the songs in the artist’s collection with the newly out “STONES” only on SoundCloud. To know more about the artist, follow him on YouTube, Spotify, peterlakesounds.com, and Instagram.

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