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Veelead is Launching Microsoft 365 Help Desk Ticketing System to establish seamless communication between the employees and help desk agents.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Edison, New Jersey Jul 21, 2022 ( – Veelead Solutions designed and started offering a simple internal cloud-based helpdesk ticketing system from Microsoft 365 application for effective business management.

The Microsoft 365 Helpdesk is designed to make communication between employees and the help desk team as convenient as possible. Employees can create support tickets and track the status of all of those tickets in one location. Administrators get a complete insight into agent performance thanks to simple reporting options, which aid in decision-making.

Utilizing the enterprise business characteristics of SharePoint, the Office 365 ticket system integrates well with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.

Users who are concerned can receive automated notifications from the application during ticket creation, resolution, and response management. It makes it possible for cross-functional teams to coordinate and collaborate for increased productivity.

Benefits of Microsoft helpdesk ticketing system:


By using automation, the company can try to identify the best identifier for new tickets without necessarily manually searching through records and registers. Tickets can be managed independently with Microsoft 365, however brand-new tickets are automatically assigned to registrants.

Routing Tickets

The ticketing system for Microsoft 365 allows automated ticket routing using Power Automate. Ticket routing entails sending the ticket to the proper channels so that it can be explicitly handled.

In this instance, Microsoft 365 makes use of this significant feature by making sure that the tickets receive the best resolution following their relevance and priority.

Additionally, ticket routing prevents tickets from going to the incorrect department. Both the customer and the agent would find such circumstances frustrating. The ticket routing system also makes sure that every ticket is addressed separately and receives the finest recommendations and answers.

Escalation and Reassignment

The Office 365 ticketing system has another important function in this regard. If identification is lost, the procedure of routing tickets to the proper destination is known as reassigning them.

This procedure makes sure that all tickets are handled efficiently to take the wants and concerns of the client into account. On the other side, escalation is the process of making sure that tickets are forwarded to higher management levels if they are not handled properly at the lower levels. Regardless of priority or relevance levels, every issue receives the best solution thanks to the Microsoft 365 ticketing system.

Setting Realistic Timelines

Office 365’s ticketing systems operate according to timeliness. It has a scheduler that determines how much time is allotted for each ticket depending on its level and priority.

All ticketing systems depend on the concept of scheduling since it gives procedures a temporal structure. Timeliness regarding turnaround times is computed during scheduling using the designated tickets. With the right precautions, punctuality should be deliberately worked on and never exceeded. Timeliness is prioritized by the Office 365 ticketing system. As a result, before the timeliness period expires, Office 365 evaluates each ticket and offers a solution.

Ticket Evaluation

Ticket analysis is feasible using the Office 365 ticketing system. Customers can now see the processes used to examine their issues in terms of time, results, and additional levels of analysis. This is incredibly important to any consumer since it offers opportunities for them to feel like they have some ownership in the company. The client is respected as a significant shareholder in the business.

Analysis of ticket sales is crucial to the organization. It offers an examination of the services that the business provides. It allows the organization to evaluate the services being provided. For instance, recurrent tickets on a certain service may indicate dissatisfaction with the offering. This can necessitate the complete termination of the service or its correction.

A ticketing system can revolutionize business services, and the Microsoft 365 help desk ticketing system is an example enough. Veelead Solutions launches this exceptional ticketing system that is becoming more and more popular with investors because of the crucial services it offers. 

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Veelead Solutions is a Microsoft gold-certified partner since 2012, specializing in Microsoft Modern Workplace tools including Microsoft 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, RPA, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX, Dynamics Business Central, Microsoft Teams, etc


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