Stonk Journal, a free trading journal has launched in beta.

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Stonk Journal, a trading journal that aims at ease of use and speedy journaling, has launched their free beta version.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Milwaukee, Wisconsin Jul 3, 2022 ( – There are many reasons why traders, especially the new retail traders/investors should be keeping a trading journal, and there are a few good options out there. Stonk Journal however is tailored differently from a lot of the trading journals that are currently on the market. For starters, Stonk Journal revolves around quickness, a short learning curve, and an overall journaling flow that is easy to integrate into your daily trading flow. Second, we set out to build a comprehensive trading journal without all the ads, spam, and backend user data selling and we wanted to do all that in a FREE tier.

During our Alpha launch, we engaged the community in order to learn about their trading and journaling flows so that we can better prioritize features. During that time we had an incredible response rate and support that led us to adopt many of the suggestions that were put forward. Because of this great response, we intend to do the same with our beta build process. We encourage everyone to sign up for our free trading journal and take part in building Stonk Journal with us.

“This journal was built from a personal need and for personal use but once I started getting requests from friends I built a hosted version and things just went from there”.  Yevgeniy Vygodner, creator of Stonk Journal. 

About Stonk Journal

Stonk Journal is a free trading journal that started as a personal project and has grown to thousands of users. It provides users a free comprehensive, easy and fast journaling experience with zero barriers to entry and requires no personal information to get started.

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