Creative Biolabs Presents New Cell-Nucleic Acid/Peptide/Fucose Conjugate Services


(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Jun 22, 2022 ( – Treatment of cancer and other types of diseases using a single drug is shown to be associated with a high failure rate due, in part, to the heterogeneity of drug response within individuals, nonspecific target action, drug toxicity, etc. The use of dual-drug therapies is proven to show advantages to overcoming some of these roadblocks, and among different types, cell surface engineering is more transient and reversible modifications to endow new characteristics and functions to cell therapy.

As developing a reliable, repeatable conjugation process is complex and time-consuming, Creative Biolabs now unveils a full package of tools and solutions for cell-surface conjugate covering a wide range of biological molecules to global clients, and highlights the cell-nucleic acid conjugate service, cell-peptide conjugate service, and cell-fucose conjugate service.

The expert team at Creative Biolabs has developed the non-genetic cell-surface engineering technology to quickly and stably couple oligonucleotides to the cell surface. Besides the design and conjugation, imaging and analysis services are also available, including but not limited to nucleic acid-to-cell ratio assessment, CNAC-based cell targeting and killing analysis, CNAC-based cell-binding assay, and live-cell localization and tracking, cell viability analysis, etc.

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The types of conjugates include DNA probe, RNA probe, DNA aptamer, an RNA aptamer.

With extensive expertise in the synthesis of artificial peptides, Creative Biolabs offers the proprietary technology of custom peptide design services and custom conjugation services for conjugates of synthetic peptides to cells for cell screening and in vivo studies. CPC characterization services and linker-payload characterization services can report the purity, chemical stability, and other critical analytical properties.

The types of conjugates include phosphorylated peptides, succinylated peptides, acetylated peptides, amidated peptides, PEGylated peptides, fluorescent peptides, and biotinylated peptides.

Scientists at Creative Biolabs fully understand how the fucose moiety on the cell surface glycans is essential for cell-to-cell interactions and signaling processes, and are dedicated to providing the one-stop cell-fucose conjugate service. In addition, conjugated cells can be characterized by a full set of services, including but not limited to fucosylation analysis, CFC viability analysis, migration and invasion assay, cytotoxicity assay, phenotypic analysis, etc.

Creative Biolabs provides hundreds of quality-controlled cell lines to advance clients’  research, including cancer cell lines with different disease states, immune cell lines, stem cells from multiple sources, and control cell lines. All cell lines have been validated under strict quality control testing and are free from mycoplasma, undesirable cells, and other foreign factors.

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is an innovation-powered biotech company that is committed to offering a wide range of cell surface engineering strategies. Benefiting from cutting-edge technologies, such as cell membrane-based surface engineering technology, as well as the CellFace conjugate technology platform, Creative Biolabs’ conjugate service package covers cell-drug, cell-antibody, cell-fluorescent protein, cell-adjuvant-loaded nanoparticles, etc.

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