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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Portland, Oregon Jun 21, 2022 ( – Have you ever been in a dysfunctional relationship? When the interaction between two or more things fails to produce optimal results, they are having Dysfunctional Relations. A new website is monitoring parts of the internet for signs of people with histories of Dysfunctional Relations, archiving what it finds, and making that information available to the public. focuses primarily on identifying revelations of infidelity posted elsewhere on the internet. Infidelity is one of the most obvious signs of a dysfunctional relationship. The revelations are documented, archived, and made available to users. Unfortunately, such revelations have been known at times to include false accusations. It is not possible for a relationship between two people to be so dysfunctional that one of them blasts the other online without the two of them having Dysfunctional Relations. Learning that someone has a history of being unfaithful can be useful, but so too can the simple fact that they have dysfunctional people in their life.

Dysfunctional Relations realizes that users with similar stories are likely to want to share them too, so Dysfunctional Relations provides people with referrals to places where they can share their stories. If they are lucky, their story might be included in the Dysfunctional Relations archive for people to search and comment on. Almost as if the Wayback Machine let people post comments about each page in their archive, but on a much smaller scale and focused on a niche group of topics.

Dysfunctional Relations recognize the need and occasional desire of those involved in dysfunctional relationships to seek help. To help them out, Dysfunctional Relations also features an educational theater section packed with videos about dysfunctionality, Breaking News, and a help section full of books covering a wide range of topics including infidelity, dysfunctional families, and anger management.

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