Town Star Wins Best Blockchain Game!

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AIBC Announcement

Gala Games’ Town Star takes home the most coveted prize at the 2022 AIBC awards.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Santa Clara, California Jun 13, 2022 ( – Big news from Toronto! Town Star has won the Best Blockchain Game category! Not surprising for a lot of us. Town Star is, after all, one of the only true blockchain games out there, emphasis on ‘game.’ There are a great many projects out there that claim to be games, and yeah, kind of… if you stretch the definition of game.

But enough poking at the other games, let’s focus on the big winner of the weekend, Town Star!

What is Town Star?

Town Star is an Isometric Town Builder and Logistics game on the Blockchain. You take charge of a town tasked with providing resources and products to the larger cities of the world. The production chains are deep and complex while still being simple to implement. Together this makes for quite the challenging game while maintaining that keyword: game. Unlike some web3 games, Town Star is fun, engaging, and frankly a little addictive.

With contests and challenges galore, there is enough to keep both gamers and crypto enthusiasts enamored with the gameplay. The fantastic and adorable art style is charming immediately, and there are tons of options to customize your gameplay- from selecting your location to special NFTs that can give you a boost along those all-important production lines.

What is AIBC?

AIBC is a global company focused on the application and expansion of all things Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing. With conventions all over the world, from Dubai and Toronto, to Belgrade, Nairobi, and Malta.

The AIBC Awards recognize the true innovators in Blockchain tech and all of its many related fields.These awards, and the Best Blockchain Game category in particular, shine a light on the cutting-edge advancements in the Blockchain industry. This serves to spotlight innovators and the successful and exciting ideas that push the industry forward for everyone!

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Play to Earn You Say?

Play to Earn gaming is a step forward in gaming generally, as well as in the blockchain gaming space. There’s certainly been P2E mechanics in games before, but specifically as advancements in Web3 technologies pull the industry forward, there are complex and intricate economies forming around the new tools at developer fingertips. I’m sure most people have a general idea, but let’s talk about what Play-to-Earn actually is. It is playing a game and earning money, right? Yes, but that isn’t the whole story.

Everyone knows the basic idea of games: play game, get endorphins, have fun. That is the absolute essence of all things entertainment. But what happens before that? You need to buy that game and sometimes a subscription or recurring cost. This also dovetails into Pay-to-Win games (which have dominated the mainstream industry in some circles). These take this concept of “set up cost” to extremes via loot boxes and all sorts of dirty tricks that everyone just seems to accept.

Play-to-Earn, however, allows free or low-investment players to gain ground by earning crypto or NFTs in the game. These assets can then be sold, traded or otherwise used to supplement that initial cost. Really lucky or skilled players can typically grind these systems out to make a nice nest egg.

Play-to-Earn models come in a variety of flavors such as NFT and Crypto as mentioned above, but also contests and competitions. Entire businesses have begun springing up around the idea of crypto competitions in games, and this seems to be the next evolution of esports. Leaderboard rewards, monthly tournaments… all sorts of competitive prizes to reward players time spent on the game.

The main point to remember is unlike buying items, currency, or anything at all from a non-blockchain game, you actually own these assets you gain by playing. This means they are ours to post on trading markets or sell/trade with a friend. It is true ownership and much more freedom than traditional gaming allows.

Speaking of Town Star…

Gala Games are the masterminds behind Town Star and they are pushing the envelope even more with an entire slate of games either in development or almost ready for market. The Walking Dead: Empires, Superior, GRIT… honestly too many to mention. Here’s a link for you to go check the ever-expanding list.

The Wrap-Up

Web3 and Blockchain gaming are still in their infancy but growing rapidly every day. Town Star is still in Beta and can only get better as Gala Games keeps moving forward. So keep an eye on everything in this space, you never know what will grab your attention.

The Best Blockchain Game wasn’t a title handed out for no reason. This is one game that you have got to check out. Whether you’re into P2E games, all things Web3, or just love an engaging game where you can farm and build your town, Town Star has something for everyone. Check out Town Star today and get to building and earning in the new era of Web3 games.


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