Taiwan’s Independence Would Cause More Warfare China Warns The US

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Image Credit – BBC


The US military is trying to make Taiwan independent from China, which has triggered China to warn the US that any further military action with unleash the military action by Being’s forces.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe met on the sidelines of an Asian security summit in Singapore. Dividing Taiwan off China will only cause further destruction as the Chinese military will not stand and watch it happen. Me Wei said they will ‘fight at any cost’.

Mr. Austin stated that the actions of the Chinese military are ‘provocative, destabilizing’. He added more as several Chinese flights and aircraft were flying near the island on a daily basis which will ‘undermine peace and stability in the region’.

As per China Self-ruled Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territory. A spokesperson stated ‘If anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will have no choice but fight at any cost and crush any attempt of ‘Taiwan independence’ and safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.’

Mr. Austin said that the US is committed to maintaining the status of Beijing and quo-recognized it as the sole government of China and standing against the independence of the Taiwanese people. He insisted on the fact that there should be no attempt to resolve the matter with military forces.

It was the first meeting held between Austin and Wei, and the meeting lasted over an hour. By the end of it Mr. Wei said the conversation ‘went smoothly’, and both sides have stated their point in a pleasant manner.

Mr. Austin stated the importance of maintaining fully open lines of communication with the China Military to avoid any sort of misunderstanding. In Late may, Taiwan stated it had deployed fighter jets to warn the Chinese military’s 30 warplanes.