Olumo, Inc. realizes approximately 100 percent growth comparing January 2022 to April 2022.

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Olumo continues to experience record growth, month over month


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Alpine, Utah Apr 21, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Due to both the increase in the number of clients who have recently contracted with Olumo to use their award-winning employee engagement software, as well as the significant growth in the number of employees,  during the past several months, the companies who have been using Olumo’s software to engage with their people, Olumo has experienced 96 percent growth in April 2022 as compared to January 2022.

“Olumo has so many things to celebrate. From their “start conversations, not surveys” approach for gathering employee feedback to the human analytics experts there to help each client make sense of the data, they are breaking new ground in the employee survey space” stated Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Office, Lighthouse Research and Advisory.

“Olumo is proud to be assisting our clients in engaging their employees and drawing from their people ideas that create innovation and growth.  When employees are allowed to contribute and executives listen, magic happens for the company, stated Mike Tingey Chief Technology Officer, Olumo, Inc.

“Olumo’s approach to understanding and improving the Human Experience at work is the foundation for everything we do” explained Robert Brown, CEO. Brown continued, “Olumo’s “secret sauce” is its ability to quantify the Human Experience quickly and accurately with our HX Assessment. Olumo has been purposeful in ensuring the HX Assessment is very cost-effective and renders direction, through texts very quickly so the company can act on current information, not outdated information usually generated from typical surveys.”

The HX Assessment is followed up with ten different “experience campaigns” including, Well Being, Engagement, Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, Alignment, Total Rewards, The Customer, Employee Life Cycle, Internal Systems, and Teams. Within each experience, Olumo provides individual metrics that not only quantify how people are currently feeling but also how to act on that information. All scores are benchmarked according to industry and organizational size. Olumo delivers weekly qualitative and quantitative questions that create numerical measurements and sentiment analysis to drive growth and engagement.

“We are a people analytics company that focuses on driving engagement, inclusion, and improved culture through real-time feedback from your people,” stated Brown. “Companies who use Olumo see an immediate, positive impact in their key business metrics. If you’ve got people, we’ve got answers.”

“I am consistently impressed with the breadth of information Olumo’s software is able to provide the executives directly from the employees”, stated Marshall Paepke, Industry HR Expert and Olumo consultant. “It gives a road map that all executives need in today’s challenging environment.

“One of the best assets of Olumo is that the ROI is easy to recognize, track and measure,” said Daren Hogge, CFO at Olumo. “A company’s greatest asset is its people, so being profitable starts with them, and Olumo’s software more than pays for itself with the instant value being generated both internally and externally,” continued Hogge.

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