Columbus Convention Center Allows Little Company to go Big for Small Business

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In The Black VIP will be hosting the Nothing’s Bigger than Small Business Series” at the Columbus Convention Center in the Spring of 2023

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Columbus, Ohio Jun 8, 2022 ( – In The Black VIP is expanding and The Columbus Convention Center is stepping up to support the tech start-up.  The Black VIP started as a coupon app with a twist.  Approved businesses receive free marketing and receive a monthly check in the form of profit sharing.  Unlike traditional marketing avenues, in which the business foots the bill and pays for advertising, In The Black makes its revenue from the consumer.  The app is $12.99 per month and members are afforded a suite of benefits for that monthly fee. 

Deryck Richardson, co-owner of In The Black, said, “It’s a no-brainer.  We ask two things about the businesses.  1, you provide us with an exclusive coupon, or promotion, that only our members can redeem at your location.  2, you help to spread the word of the platform so we can take this thing viral by leveraging the client base of each of our businesses.  In return, we give you 2 things.  Free marketing, and a piece of the pie at the end of the month.”

Included in the $12.99 membership, are not only the exclusive discounts to the Businesses but discounted access to events called Adventures in Wellness.  By collaborating with different providers throughout the city, In The Black is able to feature their partnered businesses while providing opportunities for the Columbus communities to address physical, social, and mental health in fun and creative ways.

In The Black is always looking for ways to expose and help small businesses and The Convention Center stepped up and offered the use of their space at no charge.  In The Black will be holding a small business expo called “Nothing’s Bigger than Small Business” in 2023 at The Convention Center and has begun looking for additional sponsors.  This expansion will be a game-changer for the businesses who have partnered with In The Black, providing a platform to discuss their products or services and learn more about building their brand. 

Richardson, who also owns Blackbeans Brew, a small coffee business in Columbus, mentioned, “I can’t wait to introduce my brand to the influential people we plan on bringing to the event at The Convention Center.  This is how you go from small to big!”

Maria Scott, founder, and co-owner of In The Black said, “We are just so overwhelmed by their support, but more importantly their dedication to the Columbus small business community.  We intend to extend their support from the building across the city!”  

Scott was hit hard by the pandemic of 2020.  As a full-time massage therapist, the pandemic forced her business to shut down.  She set out to help other small businesses in the same predicament while building another business of her own. 

 “I was tired of the model of ‘other platforms’ claiming to help small businesses,” Scott said.  “These platforms take the money from the consumer and then disburse it to the business after the coupon is redeemed.  On top of that, the fees are ridiculous.”

In The Black is available for download in both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.  For more information, including sponsorship opportunities, visit or email [email protected].

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