From cleaning houses to cleaning faces: Crystal Nuñez shines bright.

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By Esther M carela

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Yonkers, New York Jun 3, 2022 ( – Crystal Nuñez: Shinning Bright

The world as we know it is constantly in flux. Perhaps at no other time in recent history has this been more so the case for individuals and societies at the global level. While change can be daunting and overwhelming, there are those that embrace the opportunity to morph and re-invent themselves using skill sets that have been mastered in other industries. When trying to re-invent oneself, these skills coupled with a hard work ethic can prove to be very relevant in a new career path.  

Crystal Nuñez has been a hard worker since she entered adulthood. Driven and laser-focused, she was able to establish a successful cleaning business at the tender age of 20. While most young women her age were trying to figure out their lives, Crystal was planning and perfecting her craft.  She was able to build a very solid company. Over the course of 8 years, she amassed a team that was able to meet the high demand for cleaning services. Through her keen attention to detail and perseverance, she was able to grow the company and maintain the stability afforded by repeat clients who were as impressed with the quality of the work her company performed as much as with the young entrepreneur’s level of commitment and tenacity in managing her team.  Crystal was able to hone her skills into a brand that was respected and valued until other priorities arose that needed her attention.

After having her 3 children, Crystal knew she could not sustain the work hours nor the demands imposed on her schedule to maintain a business in the competitive world of janitorial and cleaning services.  She was clear that her highest priority would be to care for her children and provide the love, support and care that she had received as a child from her mother who was also a very successful and driven business owner. During the time she was caring for her young family, Crystal was also intent on caring for herself and her appearance. Always on the move, Crystal discovered a love for aesthetics and most notably skin care. As happen-stance would have it; she would develop this love for beauty and skincare into her professional focus over the next few years.

Having a strong work ethic and being focused on developing the skills needed in her new craft; Crystal enrolled in one of the best beauty schools in New York, determined to become a licensed esthetician who would have the knowledge and training necessary to provide a high level of service to clients. During a very trying time when isolation became the norm and when many people seemingly abandoned grooming and self-care, Crystal was fixed on developing her clientele and delivering very refined and individualized esthetic services because she knew the difference it made in her clients’ lives.  Maintaining a positive self-image is often the motivator for self-love, as she discovered.  

The face is the reflection we present of ourselves to the world: Here are some tips she shared regarding the benefits of facial massages

1. Stimulates collagen production2. Stimulates the removal of toxins3. Relaxing4. Brings oxygen to your skin5. Increases absorption of natural skin products

Already an expert in cleaning and the positive energy it generates; Crystal also shares that during the summer months, it is essential to keep your skin clean from head to toe.  She recommends the following steps for basic skin care:

Begin by applying a thin layer of the Exfoliating Mask to polish and refine the texture of your skin.  

While the mask is doing its magic, cleanse the body with Miracle Bar for a really deep cleanse to remove sunscreen, lotions, and other impurities.

We must emerge into the world confidently and reflect the best of ourselves. As a mother, Crystal is impressing upon her young children that no matter how hectic life gets,  self-care is self-love and it must remain a priority for one’s lifetime.


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