Top 3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Press Release Service

Press Release


Press releases are one of the best marketing tools that are capable of empowering all kinds of business owners regardless of the industry. Considering its paramount importance, the tool is being availed by many artists, business owners, startup companies, and everyone who is looking forward to gaining some exposure. Usually, the paid press release services consider a fair amount of investment through money and time. However, the professional agencies maintain professionalism in their services to make the results fruitful and effective.

Willing users can also apply for Free Press Release which is more convenient and affordable for beginners. Anything that is free draws more attention than the paid services and what makes it even more attractive is the benefits that can be gained. If you are a beginner in the industry and looking forward to avail of a free service, check out its advantages and disadvantages below.


  1. Absolutely Free

The free services are the best options for everyone as they consider no expenses. It only requires enough time to be invested in research. Since it does not require any money, the users can invest in other marketing strategies. Free PR is a common tool that can be distributed over any media and news platform.

  2. Attract Potential Investors and Journalists

Press releases are written in a formal way with a journalistic tone that can attract potential investors in the industry. As a result, the business gets enough exposure and makes fruitful growth through sales. It also helps is a lead generation and media relations that put the company’s impression on a whole new level.

  3. Maintains Reputation and Brand Image

PR creates a positive brand awareness that helps to create a brand image that stays with a longer impact. It also helps to the main reputation of the company with consecutive PR approaches. As it costs no money, there is no obstacle in making aggressive promotions with multiple contents.


  1. Hard to Choose

There are numerous free PR websites available online which provide writing and distribution services to everyone. It gets quite a daunting task to choose one authentic website among all. Even if you get to know about a website, it will take enough time to make enough research to confirm the website’s legitimacy.

  2. Getting Abandoned

Since free services do not require any money, it is possible to get abandoned by a fraud website even after purchasing a free order. It is confusing for the users as they do not get to know about its abandonment and keep waiting for results. Most of the websites also lack 24X7 active chat support, so there is no option to make inquiries other than sending emails.

  3. Distribution

A good press release website should be affiliated with at least more than 300+ websites to provide an adequate amount of exposure to all kinds of business owners. Without a fruitful distribution network, it is almost impossible to fulfill the purpose of a press release that is gathering attention. Thus, the free PR websites are not very reliable when it comes to gaining attention from the mass audience.


Now that you are aware of both sides of the coin, you are can easily choose any of the available options such as free PR and paid PR websites. No matter what you choose, it still requires an adequate amount of research and analysis to find out one suitable website. Make your planning, sort out your goals, and avail of the best PR service to boost the sales of your business.