An innovative cap that can navigate inside the brain designed for 7+ years


A unique cap that allows children and adults to navigate inside the brain through the attached free app on iOS & Android. The cap allows hacking memory secrets, adopting healthy life habits and have a fun+learn experience.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates May 26, 2022 ( – Why did we build KlickCap? 

Brainforia is building with a mission. We are here to craft smart brains for Generation Alpha. We are not an innovative toy company. We are not creating toys to simply stimulate the brain. We are a brain crafting company. We want to focus on growing smart brains through transformative learning experiences.

We don’t want to build products. Period. We want to build fantastic brains.

We want our games and play to create a deep subliminal impact on the growing brains. We want the brains to be kindled & inspired.

Through Klick-cap, we are creating a revolution in phygital(physical+ digital) products.  

 Learning by doing is our purpose. 

Klick-cap is the first phygital (physical+ digital) product. The cap allows the children to explore the world of the brain. One can navigate through the app into the brain and have a wow experience. The cap is smart and made of cotton. It is designed for 7+ ages.

We have built the first-ever unique AR cap

The cap’s logo is the entry point for the exploration of the brain. It allows virtual dissection of the brain, teleporting inside the pathways, it allows for exploration of the various functions of the brain and allows for exploring the secrets of a smart brain.

The Brainbuilder Ninja is built inside the board( we are highly sustainable) and allows the kids to grow healthy brains. It enables them to understand how healthy habits in life can create miracles. It helps them understand ‘super brain yoga’; super breathing techniques & allows them to adopt healthy eating habits.


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