Contemporary Canadian Artist Completes Voice NFT creator residency with a riveting Collection drop

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3D Reduced Sacred Sound Design When you speak even plain monolith

MBF-Lifestyle setting cornerstone benchmark on experience designs using Sacred geometry
in fractal design; to generate a visual frequency conducive to a relaxed cognitive state.
Via 120 movements /minute 360-degree motion graphic NFT you can feel.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Halifax, Nova Scotia May 23, 2022 ( – Voice Residency of Canadian Contemporary NFT creator Claude Edwin Theriault is at the May 27, 1:00 pm NFT Drop; of the collection of one Sacred sound design Hieroglyphic via Laylo and the Voice 

MBF-Lifestyle loves to work with images of people engaged in ritual protocol through the centuries.

It is all the same basis throughout just the props and the ledger format to record has changed, from Cave walls en France to leather-bound to digital solidity ERC 1155 to mass adoption tokenization.

Voice residency collection of one Sacred sound design Hieiroglyphic  When You speak I listen/Quand tu Me parle je t’ecoute. A Series that uses a visual narrative to speak of the separateness between our very cellular particles. In North Atlantic Seaboard clans where French Acadian has nothing to do with Mi’kmaq that has nothing to do with Halifax Anglo except for when it comes to money, and the Halifax Anglo has nothing to do with French Acadian unless they speak English of course, and know their place.

Visual symbolism seeks to create a dialog to a Ghosting silence between our proud and noble Maritime Neighborhood selves of the two divides of Halifax Citadel and non-Citadel French Acadian in the arts. Lacking Provincial Cultural representation and Sovereignty to speak and create in 2022. I mean really is this closure for real or is it instead Denial of Silence or Silence of the Denial in the non-inclusive; as to the what and how Bell of media owed CTV and Sltwire media will not be part of its control and say in all media narratives. It’s to where every single Major newspaper in the 1,2,3,4 Atlantic province is owned by 1 man that has the say as to what sees print and what does not, in these days of Web2.0 shifts to Web 3.0. 

Hence the stones in the No Mans Sky Monolith, where experience design comes with a narrative like a Kaballah /Tree of Life tarot deck reading, each image overlays part of a different parallel cosmos. Yet all share that same trait; of its NFT creator source that conceived and built it into a 3D motion Graphic to go. Sacred Sound Design-When you speak-I listen so as to sleep amongst sleeping stones under no man’s sky.

It’s all part of the design notion that everything in the universe pod of the spotless mind has its place Visual representations of The spectrum of the prophet, Nomad, Hero, and Artist archetype in

the 100-year cycle of 4 to 20-25 year cycle of history that runs its course, so as to form a visual moral compass by which to align like this cube monolith cycle. Yet Universities of Higher learning will not have anything to do with, having it allowed on their extensive real estate spaces that would be ideal for a guest speaker on arts and culture could really bring something to the table for real for a change. All part of the collapse in meaning we are seeing in culture and society, leaving creative

Contemporary artists have no choice but to shine a light of beauty and form into the face of ugly media du Jour Performing its fake dog and pony show with Fake money, fake interest rates, fake asset prices, fake programs, fake objectives, presided over by fake politicians, performing a fake show for the benefit of a fake media, that doesn’t even try to get to the truth anymore since it is not part of the Agenda. And all agreed that if the fakeness were suddenly interrupted it would be a “catastrophe.”

Since elected officials do not serve us anymore and neither does mainstream media. What does serve the masses is the blockchain platform that metaverses in the metaverse are being built on. It is in sharp contrast to the old mainstream Hurst to Honkie Bell to Meta Web 3.0 morph we are seeing, reflected in the expanded field vision of Contemporary NFT creator Claude Edwin Theriault showing you what the other side of perception looks like from a Queer Asperger’s point of view.

And delivering it to you so as to deliver something of value you can feel for a change, in these times of great change. In these days of manipulated mainstream news agenda rhetoric in the arts, the need for Critical thinking has never been more of a pressing and urgent need. Current collective consciousness is slowly awakening from the media-induced stupor, and critical thinking is being challenged but thriving in Web 3.0 communities. Hence the need to have contemporary and modern art be just

that, contemporary and reflective of the collective consciousness of the modern times we are

living in.


3D Reduced When you speak I listen cavern MONOLITHWhen you Speak I listen Quand tu me parle je t ecoute inner scanctum cavernjpgSacred Sound Design CavernWhen you Speak I listen Quand tu me parle je t ecoute inner scanctum reverse cavern

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