Why This Personal Trainer Says Dubai Is The Place To Be!


Dubai, May 10, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Anita Joubert winner of the European WBFF Pro Award www.anitajoubert.com is considered one of Dubai’s Top Fitness trainers and holistic nutritionists found today say Dubai is the perfect place to live and work as a personal trainer.

Her reasons are as follows:

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  • Sunshine all year long even though summers can be brutally hot approaching 50.
  • Amazing shopping with all the international brands available.
  • A foodie’s paradise. The largest selection of international cuisine anywhere.
  • The city never sleeps. There’s always something to do should you be a night owl.
  • Everyone is involved in fitness in some way or another. Fitness activities are abundant.
  • It’s a hub to travel to Asia, Africa, or Europe as 100s of international flights daily.
  • Tax-free incomes, with amazing salaries if you’re an experienced Personal Trainer
  • Amazing Expat community and cross-cultural experience.
  • Safety and security are paramount. You never worry about your kids or a girl’s safety
  • Beaches everywhere
  • Accommodations in apartments and villas are more affordable than in many other countries.
  • People are super friendly.
  • Great job opportunities abound.
  • Great entrepreneurial environment. Everyone’s connected to someone who can help.
  • Education is a top priority with most international schools and universities available.
  • The health care system is more developed than in developed countries. No long wait times.
  • The road and infrastructure are modern and new. No expense was spared to develop it.
  • Public transport is amazing! It is super clean, new, and very efficient.
  • The government is on the cutting edge of developing its economy compared to other countries.
  • Dubai is a city that everyone just gets addicted to as it has the best of everything!

The fitness professional is known as one of Dubai’s most sought-after personal trainers. She has been living here for about 20 years and even though she’s lived and traveled the world she calls Dubai Home!

Raising a family here is great and it’s safe and secure and I never have to worry about them outside playing says, Anita! I have a strong network of friends and we always meet at the beach. There’s always something to do here and you never tire of it, but just may tire of trying to keep up with so much. If you’re a personal trainer and you can carve out a niche for yourself then it can be extremely financially rewarding.

Everyone’s looking to get into shape and everyone’s looking for a great trainer. If you can fill that gap then you got it made!

Good Luck on your Fitness Journey!

Source :Wellness Nutrition Company

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