Contemporary Canadian Queer Asperger NFT creator artist calls out all Atlantic Canada News media for lack of Inclusion.

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MBF-Lifestyle calls out Atlantic Canadian mainstream news media for the worrying tendency to present only one side of the story (theirs!).

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Halifax, Nova Scotia May 6, 2022 ( – Contemporary NFT artist creator MBFLifestyle calls out Atlantic Canada News media for making Nova Scotian French Acadian Queer Asperger the new Black Mi’kmaq.

French Canadian Queer Asperger NFT creator is currently calling out for change with his artwork which is being Ghosted due to his extensive use of “The Male Nude” to depict Terre des Hommes and the change surging through Humankind in these days of change, just as the use of “The Female Nude” depicts the Venus Earth Goddess. In Liberal forward-thinking uninhibited cultures like upper Anglo/Franco Canada, no problem.

The emerging cornerstone of MBFLifestyle contemporary artwork represents, this sovereignty which is at the very center of what we actually understand as Contemporary art these days: a key element considered to be the “freedom of art.”
When one produces marginalized critical art, of importance the role of the artist as a sovereign agent must be maintained. Sovereignty is the means of simply maintaining certain conditions of production in which artists are able to determine the direction of their work, its subject matter, and form, and the methodologies they use–rather than having them dictated by institutions, critics, curators, academics, collectors, dealers, the public, and so forth.

The ghosting is endemic in Universities, Television, and newspapers in all of Atlantic Canada controlling all of who and what gets seen or heard.
Due to the complex Intellectual Esoteric Totemic inspired topics covered in the extensive 40 years plus the artwork of Claude Edwin Theriault; they do not seem to meet the approval of the powers that be. Hence the need for change in times of great cultural change. and renaissance in the visual arts.

Inquiries with the Human Rights Officer-Intake at the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission at their 5657 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax office; define discrimination taking place under one of the “protected areas” and based on one of the “protected characteristics” covered under the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.
Area being Publication, broadcasting or advertisement protected characteristics being French Acadian Ethnic, national or aboriginal origin, Queer Sexual orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression.
For an inquiry to fall under the jurisdiction of the Human Rights Commission, the complainant must illustrate that discrimination took place under one of the protected areas and was based on one of the protected characteristics covered under the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.
It is developing news in the realm of self-representing artists claiming sovereignty over their Intellectual property and rights.

Claude is keen on getting a Halifax platform for this artistic voice since the artwork work is amongst the most creative and innovative Contemporary artwork in all of Atlantic Canada’s history. Multiple attempts to connect have Halifax continuing to ignore multiple attempts to have representation of his work.
A few short years ago African Nova Scotians as well as the Mi’kmaq stated they had had enough and put a stop to being excluded, now they have a say in the arts and culture identity scene, as it should be since they have been founding members of the Munit Haec et Altera Vincit culture of Nova Scotia since the beginning just like French Acadian culture, is.

All mainstream Halifax-centric media outlets and University Institutions of higher learning; seem to have forgotten the 1969 Loi Sur La Langue Francaise, which states the French Acadian culture is legally recognized and treated as an equal partner in the founding cultures of Nova Scotia. They simply do not seem to want to acknowledge French Acadian events outside of the HRM let alone a Queer Contemporary Art Shift phenomenon. Hence the need to remind them with real news updates in real-time 2022 style.

In a Patrimonial Oligarch Atlantic Canadian society where the vast majority of every major newspaper decides what is seen and heard; it is not easy to get through to the source.
However, a word with a word is power; and web3.0 blockchain technology is as disruptive as the 3D motion graphic experience designs MBF-Lifestyle studio is producing weekly.

Part of a paradigm shift brought on by the highly disruptive digital ledger technologies of blockchain and the side chains that are currently built onto the main original Ethereum 2.0 ledger. It is not just the Decentralized move of finance now shifting to DEFI. It is artists in the know moving their media so they can have uncensored representation on an open public ledger to express non-partisan views on shifting cultural events of interest; moving culture forward as it should be.

Marginalized Queer Asperger NFT creator Claude Edwin Theriault is redefining the very essence of contemporary art in Atlantic Canada with his 3D motion graphic Non Fungible Token design experience brand logos for the Augmented reality as well as Virtual reality real estate in the metaverse. When you create art that the mainstream does not want to see, you know you are hitting the nail on the head since it is not the government, media Barons, or universities that move culture and civilizations forward….it is artists who move culture and civilizations forward.

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