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In recent years, more and more online businesses have begun to emerge, and these businesses cover a wide variety of fields and industries, and with the growing demand for online businesses, cloud servers were born.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. May 4, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – This is LightNode, a VPS hosting provider, and we aim to provide an easy-use VPS hosting server to you. We have many data centres around the world. In terms of VPS hosting servers, we have plenty of experience. And it is pleasure to introduce cloud servers to you.

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1 What is a Cloud server?

2 When you should pick a cloud server?

3 What types of cloud servers are available

4 Why do you choose LightNode VPS?

5 About us


1 What is a Cloud server?

A cloud computing server, known as a cloud server or cloud host, is a product in the cloud computing service system. This effectively solves the physical host services, the existence of management difficulties hit, and the business scalability weaknesses. It stands for a virtual machine based on a physical data center. In practice, cloud hosting has three aspects of resilience capabilities.

1) You can adjust the hosting configurations and business scale flexibly as you want.

2) You can deploy the hosting service which you apply rapidly with scalable billing.

3) The billing method is flexible, you do not need to pay a deposit, and there are multiple payment methods to choose from.

2 When you should pick a cloud server?

1) Users who focus on the cost-effectiveness of hosting services.

2) Users who need to realize distributed deployment quickly.

3) Users who need elastic scalability of the business.

4) Users who need high system availability and fast recovery.

5) Users who wish to manage the system easily.

6) Users who need a local IP address but are not in the area.

7) Users who want to develop e-commerce, forums, SNS, enterprise websites, OA systems, and other Internet applications.

If you meet any of the above points, you may start a hosting plan.

3 What types of cloud servers are available

There are three main types of cloud servers, sharing hosting, VPS hosting server, and dedicated server.

Sharing hosting: sharing hosting is mainly used as web hosting. If you want to build your website but you are new, you can start with a sharing hosting. The sharing hosting is very cheap but high cost-performance which can help you to learn websites at a low cost. But sharing hosting means you’ll be sharing a server with someone else, which can make the performance of the hosting poor and the security poor. If you have high performance and security requirements, then I do not recommend you to choose a sharing hosting.

VPS hosting server: it means the virtual private server. The VPS hosting server is the most popular in the world. It’s so flexible and practical that it become the most popular for developers in the world. You can use it remotely with root access from anywhere at any time, as long as you have a computer nearby. There are also two types of VPS hosting servers, bare metal, and VPS with system or application.

The bare metal is more suitable for people with a professional background because it does not come with anything. You need to install the operating system and applications. But it can be customized to your actual needs to maximize.

Most providers offer VPS hosting servers with operating system images or application images, which greatly simplifies the use of the server, even if you are a novice, you can quickly get started. For example, if you were using windows commonly, you can choose a VPS with a windows image, and the same with Linux VPS. More, you can get a control panel to control your VPS instances which makes it convenient.

Dedicated server: that means you can get the dedicated resources for your server. The security of a dedicated server is very high. You will only have your data on your server, and all resources on your server will be yours. However, it was very expensive. If you just run a small business, I do not recommend that you use a dedicated server, because many resources will be idle resulting in a waste of resources, it is a waste of money.

In a word, the VPS hosting server is the best choice for most people. Most online business needs can be met with a VPS hosting server. For example, if you are a member of the healthcare group in VPS healthcare, And you are running a tertiary care hospital in the UAE, then you can provide online care and services through the services offered by the VPS UAE hosting server. Besides, if you want to build a forum in Dubai but you are not there, then you need a VPS Dubai hosting server which will make access to the web more smooth.

Now that you have a clear understanding of why you are using a VPS, I will recommend a provider to you, that is LightNode.

4 Why do you choose LightNode VPS?

LightNode is a flexible and scalable cloud computing provider. We help you reduce IT costs, and improve operational efficiency.

We provide more than twenty locations around the world including the Philippines, Germany, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea, South Africa, Bangladesh, Singapore, Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Brazil, and Hongkong. And our support team would like to reply within 24 hours.

We also get many customer cases in different industries. That may help you to start your business rapidly.

5 About us

LightNode advocates the concept of “technology-driven products, operation, and maintenance driven services”, and constantly introduces products and services suitable for the industry characteristics. At present, LightNode has provided solutions and hybrid cloud services for a large number of IT deployment services in the direction f games, e-commerce, finance, pan entertainment, enterprises, and institutions.


    Should I migrate my VPS hosting server to the UAE?

It depends on where you want to do business, a local server will make your business much easier.

    Is there any other provider to offer a UAE VPS server or a Dubai VPS?

Yes, view this article. You can know more providers for the hosting services.

    Should I choose a dedicated server instead of a VPS hosting server?

If you get enough budget and highly consider internet security, you can choose dedicated servers. But I’d like to tell you again that it is better to use the VPS hosting server than a dedicated server for small businesses.

    When should I start a hosting plan?

The day you are ready to define your needs:

What do you want to do?

Which operating system do you need?

What configuration do you need?

Do you have an obsession with security?

Do you need an SSL certificate?

Then, you can start picking your virtual private servers.

Of course, welcome to LightNode, we are looking forward to your coming.

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