Levinger Regens Publishes New Trading Responsibility Report

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Levinger-Regens.com points out the importance of taking a leading role in corporate responsibility in the trading business

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Seoul, South Korea Apr 29, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Levinger Regens, an established financial advisory and strategic consultancy services provider with deep market knowledge, a dynamic network of information, and derivatives solutions, today announced the publishing of a report on trading responsibility that reflects a sound and practical perspective on the essence of ESG obligations within the trading sectors and it explains the formula of working independently versus innovative partnerships in order to manage the social and environmental influences. The report reveals one of the main objectives of the company of taking a leading position in corporate responsibility.   

The report embodies environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance data and it comprises regular reporting and additional information that can be accessed on Levinger Regens’ platform. The influence of climate change together with the necessity to speed up the transition towards a low carbon economy has already registered important results within international trade.

The creation of Levinger Regens’ power and renewable subsequence represents a starting point toward further development. At an operational level, being responsible implies an integral commitment to safe operations and a determined focus on prosperous behaviors and compliance practices. Levinger Regens continues to build up the compliance program as long as the company’s profile is developing.

Technology is of major importance for revising, monitoring, determining, and lowering the risk involved in certain counterparties and activities. Levinger Regens will keep reassessing the compliance programs for the future and will work on development as long as technology, regulations, and stakeholder demands are exposed.

“Our stakeholders are encouraging the efforts made by Levinger Regens to build trust via more efficient engagement and transparency. Maintaining the trust will depend on the ability to comply with actual demands in the markets”, said Keem T. Eun-Jae, Chief Executive Officer.


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Levinger-Regens.com is an established financial advisory and strategic consultancy services provider with deep market knowledge, a dynamic network of information, and derivatives solutions. Levinger Regens specializes in commodity, futures, and options trading with an extensive reach throughout the Asia-Pacific region and offers its clientele a hoard of beneficial market solutions. The company’s services include commodity and futures trading, wealth and financial planning, brokerage and investment advisory, and more. The company works alongside traders, investors, farmers, producers, manufacturers, retailers, governments, and other organizations to fulfill a common purpose – to serve the world in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way.

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