The Face Club unveil a unique and rare 3D Art Collection, “Missing Face”

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The Face Club has integrated the concept of the drawing and unique traits to launch this new collection of “Missing Face”. Added with their slogan, “NO WAR,MAKE TOYS” – it gives a new meaning to all the existence for each Missing Face.


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Manchester Center, Vermont Apr 15, 2022 ( – When Missing Face Launch?

To maintain the exclusive ownership of Missing Face NFT, it will only release 9,332 NFTs. The release will happen in 2 batches of 4,666NFTs. The first phase of the 3D art collection “Missing Face” NFT will be minted publicly in May 2022, and it includes 4,666 Missing Face NFT 3D Art Collection. And in July 2022 as the second phase, a 3D art collection of 4,666 NFTs will be minted.


Special Privileges for “Missing Face” NFT Holders

Once you successfully become a Missing Face NFTs holder, you will be entitled to a premium The Face Club membership and receive a free $Face Token. This membership is also entitled to additional privileges such as the right to purchase the  Missing Face 3D vinyl toys at a discounted price, events, and many more amazing perks for the community.


Missing Face x Fashion x Blind Box x Vinyl Toys

Moving forward, Missing Face will become an NFT Fashion brand, where Missing Face will collaborate with premium brands to create merchandise or collectibles that will be available on the official merch store. Missing Face will also launch a new series of Missing Face x Blindbox that will have random miniature Missing Face 3D NFT vinyl toys in the boxes.

Other than that, Missing Face will also launch their unique collectible vinyl toys that will be the next major icon in fashion as it is in the world of art. This creation of Missing Face Vinyl Toys blends the simplicity of a vinyl toy with the aesthetic impressionability of modern art and dynamic luxury fashion.

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