Metaverse electro outfit CellarHouse release their ‘Still Here’ EP on May 2nd

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CellarHouse  Still Here EP

This celebrated avatar band prepare to launch another downtempo assault on the virtual world

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Apr 26, 2022 ( – Metaverse electro outfit CellarHouse release their long-awaited Ep, Still Here, featuring two tracks taken from their forthcoming album Hard Times: ‘We’re Right Here‘ & ‘Forever Siempre‘ with an added instrumental version of ‘This Was Our Time‘.


Just over a year ago, CellarHouse took on the virtual world of Web3 by limiting themselves to only playing virtual gigs and festivals in the meta. Never revealing their true selves or their identity, they prefer to let their deep-downtempo tracks speak for themselves and instead present the group as avatars for the innovative musical experiences that are happening in the metaverse.


Released through Cygnus Music and true blockhouse recordings this EP took months to see the light of day. Countless remixes in numerous studios were needed to achieve the very personal and individual sound that the band was looking for “it’s all too easy to disappear up one’s backside looking for the perfect kick drum that Artist X has”, says Jezz.  “Or trying to ensure the vocal sound has that current flat, an auto-tuned sound that the world and his dog currently offer.  We just didn’t want to fall into that trap.  Our sound is dynamic, you can hear every breath our vocalists take, our mixes hark back to when contemporary music had a depth of field. And we’re a little bit rougher on the mix  – which is healthy, given the over saturated homogenized tracks that are everywhere at the moment “


The ‘Still Here‘ EP is a thought-provoking EP that reflects on the effects the pandemic had on individuals, couples, and families and sets out to celebrate how we all came together to get through it all.


CellarHouse, “Our music is about love, life, family and home – a reflection of our own reality, our own priorities, and yet, here we are promoting our music and second lives in the meta: a brand new world of virtual caves in a parallel homestead.  And why wouldn’t we? Regardless of age, race, financial situation, or class – here is a place that gives everybody a chance to be who they want to be, who they really could be. So, this is our stage, new friends, new opportunities, and our extended family.  And this is where we build our fan base, our sound, our house. CellarHouse is a small group of like-minded musicians and artists who gig, record, and befriend in the meta.”

The EP is available for pre-order HERE



  • We’re Right Here
  • Forever Siempre
  • This Was Our Time (instrumental)


CellarHouse was formed in 2019 and has a unique sound that’s dark, moving, and sonically addictive. The current four-piece line-up features an international cast of like-minded creatives. (Norwich (UK), New York & Northern Spain) They inhabit Meta’s Horizon Worlds but wander the festival lands of Decentraland and beyond.

Current line-up: Jezz:  keys & production, Fahia & BJ: vocals, Manuel & Ted: sax & horns

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