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Battle is uphill cracks US iTunes charts


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Sydney, New South Wales Apr 15, 2022 ( – RARITY

On his first EP release for 2022, Mahmood Khan has recorded six new tracks that incorporate his typical enigmatic world-pop sound with a newfound sense of palpable optimism and joy. Khan has maintained his usual high level of writing craftsmanship and merged that with an even greater understanding of the fluidity of contemporary music production. 

Where his previous EP release Imaginary Friend explored the dynamic cadences of light jazz and mild funk, all held together by a melodic centre of retro-pop, his new one focuses on retaining pop hooks and a world music aesthetic yet marries it with a sheen and lush colouration that reaffirms the warm and good-natured style of his approach. 

Of course, the singer-songwriter and music producer is no stranger to the art of genre-bending, as his CV reveals, trail-blazing his way through a musical career that includes his enduring recordings with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, hitting the top five on the USA iTunes Jazz charts and having no less than eight songs on the iTunes USA top 100 during April 2021, with his #1 Billboard Classical Crossover hit Mahmood Khan with Willoughby Symphony Orchestra. This record also reached #1 on iTunes in the USA, Australia, France, Switzerland, Mexico, France, and Turkey. 

The new EP’s opener is Automation, a world-pop tune that hovers somewhere between dance and reggae. The bass part’s quarter-note pulse sustains the rhythmic energy while Khan’s ever-present Bee Gees flavoured melodies shimmer alongside. A quirky key line generates the track’s guiding musical motif, but perhaps Khan’s finely cadenced voice gives it, and indeed the entire EP, a commanding, authoritative presence. Automation is a reliable indicator of what follows, a taster for the rest of the material, all lushly produced, streamlined yet percolating and sparkling with pure pop frisson. 

The lead single, Battle Is Uphill, follows, a track with a gentle swaying poignancy running through, one that also contains a component of emotional elevation in its veins. The chorus is the main focus, Khan’s vulnerable side clearly on display, helping to give the song a subtle power and, alongside the melodic upswings, a feeling of generous affirmation. The song is enjoying a successful run on the iTunes USA charts currently in the top ten.

Chal Dil Mere once again utilises Khan’s canny sense of melodic versatility, the song’s groove and general ambience beaming with a kind of doo-wop, timeless pop energy. Through this song, Mahmood’s contribution to the Urdu language continues to deepen and flourish. 

Despite the earnest overtones of the fourth track, Meaning of Life, it is perhaps the most robust experience on the EP. Khan has found a method of harnessing a reggaeton beat and merging that with dance-pop and fusing it all with a series of sophisticated melodic patterns that combine to initiate another round of light-filled positivity, an atmosphere of hopeful ions no doubts a distinguishing and habitual aspect of Khan’s writing and production techniques. 

No Feelin When You’re Gone is another musical palimpsest–world-pop layers underpin a classic songwriting approach, encircled by a floating tier of space and spare instrumentation, allowing the lyric’s direct appeal to seep its way into your senses. The final track is Rarity, perhaps the EP’s most effortlessly fun inclusion. Khan brings a stomping pop feel to another suite of galvanising melodic embellishments. Still, this time, he comes up with what is perhaps soon to be another signature element–the mesmerising clap stop, the groove of the song laced with these and providing the ultimate rousing, party hook. 

Mahmood’s new collection is resplendent and quasi-ethereal; it delves into a world-pop zone and comes out shining, bursting with unexpected turns and pleasant, comforting surprises. The style never lets up, and the same can be said for the songwriting quality. Most convincing about Khan’s Rarity is his recipe for successfully repositioning relatable and polished melodies, the kinds that reference the past, against a contemporary setting.

Although there are organic flourishes here and there, an acoustic guitar, brass, etc., the soundscape is lustrous and in being so, pertinent. And so it’s no wonder Khan has amassed so many plaudits; this approach allows him to retain his individuality while exploring the illimitable riches of his chosen art.

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