420 WALDOS and Grateful Dead Artist STANLEY MOUSE ‘TRUE ORIGINS OF 420’ NFT Collection

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- San Rafael, California Apr 20, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The 420 WALDOS and Grateful Dead Artist STANLEY MOUSE “TRUE ORIGINS of 420” NFT Collection depicts the true story of the creation of the term “420”, which sprouted fall of 1971 in San Rafael, CA.

Stanley is notable for his 60’s psychedelic rock poster designs and album covers for the Grateful Dead, Journey, and Steve Miller. His art promoting the San Francisco music scene became instant collectibles and reached museums worldwide. Mouse likes to joke that NFT stands for “Nothing F’n there.” 

The Collection includes 2 limited edition NFTs with the top bud of the drop being an extremely rare 1-of-1 Artwork digitally signed by Mouse depicting the true story of the creation of the term “420”. The auction winner also receives a physical print of Artwork hand signed by the Waldos and numbered 1-of-1. The second NFT is a black and white version of the aforementioned Artwork with 42 Editions available for $420 each. The Collection is available now on OpenSea Marketplace: opensea.io/collection/waldos-true-origins

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The Artworks depict the Waldos cruising in a ’66 Chevy Impala on the Marin County Point Reyes Peninsula searching for marijuana grow drawn on a treasure map given to them by a friend. Mouse’s Grateful Dead key art is on the car hood representing Waldo’s connection to the band at that time; and the worldwide Grateful Dead community who were largely responsible for spreading the term into the pop culture after hearing it from, and smoking it with, the Waldos. And of course, the time to meet at the Louie statue at San Rafael High School to get high and begin the search for the treasure was always 4:20, which also became Waldo’s secret code for getting high. Actually, it started as “420 Louie”, but after a month “Louie”, and the search, were dropped, but “420” lived on. Now, the term 420 has blossomed worldwide to be more than a time, or even a date, rather a culture and state of mind!


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