PowerPoint Made Easy! PresenterMedia releases a new PowerPoint Add-in for building presentations fast.

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This Powerful Add-in allows users to instantly add PowerPoint templates, videos, clipart, and animations to PowerPoint slides. It includes customization tools for rebranding specialized graphics and videos with personal message, image, or logo.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Sioux Falls, South Dakota Apr 18, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – How can the PresenterMedia PowerPoint Add-in simplify designing presentations?

This PowerPoint add-in puts thousands of animated designs, videos, PowerPoint templates, and powerful customization tools at the user’s fingertips, allowing them to quickly add eye-catching designs without ever leaving the PowerPoint application.


What features will this add-in bring to PowerPoint?

Included Key Features:

  • INSTANT INSERTS – Users can insert creatives and music tracks directly into their PowerPoint slides without leaving PowerPoint.
  • VIDEO SLIDE MAKER – Provides users with pre-designed layouts to quickly edit and create eye-catching videos slides in minutes.
  • GRAPHICS MEDIA BUILDER – Gives users the ability to rebrand animations, videos, and clipart with a message, images, or logo.
  • WORD CLOUD GENERATOR – This allows users to easily create and insert word clouds into their PowerPoint slides.
  • RECOLORING TOOL – Gives users the power to quickly change the color of animations, clipart, and video backgrounds.


“Our main goal with our new PowerPoint add-in is to get presenters the best visuals and tools directly inside PowerPoint, thus saving them countless hours designing. Also, we wanted to give them powerful customization tools to create unique personalized designs right inside PowerPoint that will wow their audience.,” explains Judd Albrecht, Co-Owner and VP of Design at PresenterMedia.


Here is a short description of how PresenterMedia’s new PowerPoint Add-in works.

This add-in allows users to easily browse and search PresenterMedia’s vast collection of creatives. Creatives can be instantly added to PowerPoint slides or customized using PresenterMedia’s exclusive customization apps available directly in PowerPoint. The add-in offers the option to upload and store personal images in the video slide designer, word cloud maker, graphics customizer, or insert them directly in PowerPoint slides. The add-in keeps all customized creatives for use in any future presentation designs.


Who is this PowerPoint add-in going to help?

  • EDUCATORS – Fun animation designs to create an engaging curriculum for students.

  • BUSINESS – Illustrate strategy concepts, market diagrams, and project timelines through professional templates.
  • HEALTHCARE – Curated clipart expresses themes of community engagement and patient wellness.
  • TRAINING MATERIAL – Express essential concepts through sharable videos.
  • STUDENTS – Ready-made template layouts help build presentations fast.

Anyone who needs to present their info, message, or story in PowerPoint will significantly benefit from using this add-in.



What extra benefits will the user enjoy with this add-in?

  • Unlimited inserts and customizations
  • Fresh weekly graphics added
  • Royalty-free graphics and audio
  • Countless hours of saved time
  • Storage of personal images
  • Direct customer service


Where do you get this Add-in for PowerPoint?

Find more information and installation instructions on the PresenterMedia PowerPoint Add-in webpage.

Or, install it from the Microsoft AppSource. The user will need to sign into the add-in to get full access.  However, select featured content is available to try for free without signing up.

About PresenterMedia

PresenterMedia is an unparalleled resource for PowerPoint templates, animated designs, and presentation tools. With over 20 years of experience designing powerful presentation templates and designs, they know what it takes to help their customers save countless hours creating fantastic presentations! Their goal? To give presenters confidence in their presentation designs by allowing them to choose great visuals to accompany their information, message, and story.



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