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Accelerated courses rapidly bring today’s business professionals up to speed

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Overland Park, Kansas Apr 19, 2022 ( – The dramatic shift in today’s workplace has required employers to look closely at the needs of their employees, understand where they have gaps in knowledge and skills, and provide relevant training to fill those gaps.

To meet the rising demand for technical, interpersonal, compliance, and leadership skills, learning, and development provider SkillPath has released three online certificate programs, produced in partnership with Graceland University.

Training programs include:

A fourth program, the Accelerated Advanced Management Certificate Program, will be released in May 2022.

This content collaboration is a first for the long-time affiliate organizations. For each certificate program, SkillPath’s instructional design team performs the research and drafts the training materials, Graceland University’s faculty reviews the courses, and the university’s Executive Council approves the programs.

SkillPath delivers each certificate program virtually over five days by different facilitators, who provide varying perspectives and real-world applications of the course content. Upon completion of a comprehensive exam, program participants receive a certificate and eBadge from Graceland University.

“Lifelong learning and intellectual dexterity are so important for today’s working professionals,” said Michele Markey, SkillPath CEO. “To keep up with changes in the workplace, learning has to be regular and convenient. When you’re in school, you don’t always know what’s ahead. Suddenly, you’re promoted to management, or your role requires high-level Excel skills, and you need to get up to speed in a rapid fashion.”

Jeffery McElroy, Dean of Graceland’s C.H. Sandage School of Business, agreed. “These programs offer an abbreviated version of what we’re teaching in the classroom, and the skills learned are new for some professionals or a refresher for others who haven’t used them in a few years,” he said. “They’re also part of Graceland and SkillPath’s efforts to strengthen continuing education and ongoing skills training for working professionals.”

SkillPath offers each online certificate program monthly. Participants can register online at or by calling SkillPath’s Customer Care team at 1-800-873-7545.




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A leader in learning and development since 1989, SkillPath is your partner for continued training and success. The company provides professionals worldwide with proven resources for lifelong learning – professional skills development, instruction, and guidance designed to keep learners confidently at the top of their game. With a deep breadth of live and self-paced learning content, along with expert guidance to keep you on the right track, SkillPath helps you to perform your best.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, SkillPath’s mission is to develop the next generation of leaders and shows its support through scholarships and mentoring opportunities for Graceland University students.


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Founded in 1895, Graceland University is more than just a school. It’s a community of passionate, caring, and dedicated professionals who put their relationships with students first. Graceland offers undergraduate and graduates degrees in a variety of disciplines, preparing learners of all ages for meaningful and productive lives. Its focus on learning, wholeness, and community is exhibited in its traditional undergraduate programs on campus and its graduate programs online.

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