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Hodlperks to offer perks to digital asset holders from diverse lineup of brands through unique development and management platform

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Phoenix, Arizona Apr 12, 2022 ( – The demand for digital assets, that is items that live as an exclusively owned property online using blockchain technology, continues to grow.

And as demand rises, businesses of all sizes are left wondering how they can capitalize on it while, at the same time, owners buy and sell items at a frantic pace.

However, with any new commodity, development continues as the product becomes more commonplace. And one Arizona startup believes they have a way to address many market concerns while also incentivizing the early adopters that have turned digital item ownership into an over $40 billion market.

Hodlperks, a one-stop shop for connecting digital item ownership to real-world rewards, is currently in beta testing with an expected launch later this year.

In short, Hodlperks increases the value of maintaining ownership of a digital item over the long term by incentivizing owners with rewards implemented through their one-of-a-kind brand incentive asset management system.

The company sees the platform as adding value for holders, creators, and sellers, something that until now has been conspicuously missing during the early years of individual ownership of digital objects.

“As more people worldwide begin buying and collecting digital assets and non-fungible tokens, the trend has been to buy and sell quickly,” said Knute Fosso, Hodlperks founder, and marketing director. “What we are doing with Hodlperks is creating an ongoing reward for maintaining ownership of a digital item.”

“We see Hodlperks as a counter to the loyalty problem currently plaguing the digital property markets,” he continued. “The very name Hodlperks is derived from the cryptocurrency phrase ‘hold on for dear life.’ It will provide lasting value to those communities for holding their assets, as they increase in value over the long term.”

To keep ownership fresh and exciting, the platform connects businesses with the growing number of non-fungible token communities to offer rewards that give those in the community a tangible benefit for their loyalty.

“We plan to partner with various brands and services to allow these communities to give their faithful members coupons and discounts,” Fosso said. “It could be anything from 20 percent off a hotel stay to a discount at your local pub. The possibilities are endless, and so are the benefits from using Hodlperks.”

He said the service works as an all-in-one platform for digital collectibles, NFT’s, and digital assets across multiple blockchains.

“We created this system to empower businesses to confidently enter the digital asset space through perks programs,” Fosso said. “It gives brands an easy entry into these young, digitally savvy communities and cultures. These communities are growing, and with Hodlperks, businesses can find an easy and efficient way to tap into them.”

The platform’s key features include a matchmaker functionality that can connect businesses with digital projects, the ability to manually assign perks, and set rules for rewards.

“With the platform, businesses gain exposure to an audience that they may not reach any other way,” Fosso said. “Digital asset owners receive rewards, and communities gain loyalty. Rarely does a new platform benefit all sides of a product or service, but in this case, Hodlperks can do just that, while creating a new way to look at digital item ownership.”

Fosso, a prolific marketer who continues to expand his already extensive social media audience, initially envisioned the platform while working within his own enterprises.

“I was building out an Air B and B stay when I realized how valuable it could be to offer a discounted rate to my NFT community,” he said. “From that moment of realization, I began working to develop Hodlperks and I’m excited to get this platform to the world soon.”

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