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(Spin Digit Editorial):- San Diego, California Apr 12, 2022 ( – Social Media Marketing is an art form and a great way to tell a story so that a message can matter and reach a target audience! Most customers ask, what is the most important advice to give when one looks to increase their brand awareness or try to sell their services or products via Social Media. Well, the most important piece of advice is that Social Media Marketing is not a Silver Bullet that magically will catapult a company to overnight success! But, with time and effort, and a well-thought-out strategy, a company can absolutely utilize Social Media to build their fanbase, create a sales funnel, sell products, and increase their local and national brand awareness. Social Media Marketing should always follow the principles of traditional marketing. Dr. Natalie Guse, the owner of Go Thrive marketing has compiled some thoughts on how to develop an integrative and successful Social Media Marketing Strategy. Go Thrive Marketing is a full-service Social Media Marketing, SEO, and Webdesign Company with offices in Orange County and San Diego County. Go Thrive Marketing develops Social Media Strategies for a variety of different clients and also leads the implementation of these strategies including content creation, engagement, paid ad campaigns, and more. 

With that being said, Social Media Marketing should always follow the principles of traditional marketing. 

These included a thorough target market analysis, benchmark considerations, goals (quantitative and qualitative), strategies, techniques, a branding plan, an editorial calendar, hashtag research, engagement tactics, postings, and monitoring. Before putting out a post, it is wise to create a Social Media Strategy, the roadmap to promoting products or services via Social Media Marketing.

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Many clients approach are under the impression that they cannot afford to have their Social Media Profiles managed by a professional Social Media Company. Well, the question is, can you afford not to? However, for clients who just started or who have limited budgets, there are other options, such as Social Media Consulting.  With one on one digital marketing training, people can learn about the In’s and Out of Social Media Management, as well as learn how to set up a Social Media Strategy and learn the tools to implement it. Go Thrive Marketing offers one-time Social Media Marketing Plans, Branding, Social Media Setup, Posting Design, Hashtag Research, and an outline of how to conquer the monthly management including Social Media Tool Setup and Monitoring.

With this one-time offering, a client can be set up for success right from the start. Go Thrive Marketing develops the digital marketing plan, and outlines it in a Social Media Guidebook including branded postings and templates to follow along. After the initial plan is completed, clients meet one of the owners on Zoom to go over the strategy and they will be walked through their Social Profiles, their ad campaigns, and the Social Media Tools. From there, clients go on their journey to tell their stories through their Social Channels. 
Go Thrive Marketing still stays around for guidance and questions and clients can contact the team at Go Thrive Marketing via Whatsapp, Text, Email, or Phone. For clients that do not want to implement their own Social Media Campaign, Go Thrive Marketing offers monthly Social Media Management. All of the Management Offerings follow the same concept. Go Thrive Marketing does not start posting or implementing until they have developed an integrative and strategic Social Media Marketing Plan:-) That is the roadmap to marketing a client’s products and services.

For more information on the Social Media Packages, please visit Go Thrive Marketing’s Social Media Page. If you feel ready to work with a local Social Media Company, please feel free to call at 888.224.6602

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