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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Florida, United States Apr 4, 2022 ( – Welcome to the world of MPreview LLC where every user can enjoy their individual personality with this company’s amazing collection of toys, collectibles, and digital art including NFT collections as well. The company has started its current financial year with the launch of its first NFT collection on Opensea. President and Founder E. Hernández proudly announce this latest project ‘Undead in Space’, one of the finest examples of the modern NFT art and metaverses that is taking over the world. However, this platform thrives to empower the users by offering more NFT benefits, unlike other agencies. This latest NFT metaverse inclusion allows users and investors to be a part of a journey that can lead to unparallel benefits.

The latest Undead in Space NFT collection is a revolutionary project that is capable of creating a greater bond between NFT art and the owners of the assets. Just like the name suggests, Undead in Space is a rare NFT art collection where users are able to get a total of 555 undead characters with a resemblance to colorful zombies. These characters are roaming in space of Opensea at  and offering investors an opportunity to be a part of this unworldly bonding. The users are able to find the character with their persona by purchasing the unlockable content. Among the 555 characters, no two characters are identical. As a result, every user can become an NFT owner by collecting any of them. The limited-edition collection stays unique and valuable for each user and investor.

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Through this latest collection, the users will be able to discover how each NFT bonds since the goal of this project were to create an out-of-this-world bond between NFT art and the owners. The company honors this mission by protecting the early investors as well as offering seamless opportunities to the emerging NFT owners. This latest 555 collection of Undead in Space comes with a range of rarity traits that make each of the NFT art a valuable asset for every owner. The traits depend on the look, story, and characteristics of each undead character. There are a total of ten rarity traits that fall under three basic categories namely Common, Rare and Legendary. There is 10%-14% of Common character collection that includes Interstellar, Space Dust, Magellanic Clouds, Milky Way, From the Moon, and many others. 8%-9% Rare collection is based on Eclipse and Constellation. Last but not the least, the Legendary collection covers only 1% of the total collection, based on Black Hole.

Mpreview LLC is bringing a change in the NFT space with its highly beneficial token offers. It is mainly based on the Blockchain Ethereum and the initial offering has already been made. Starting on April 1, 2022, the initial offer is quite profitable with only .035 ETH. The floor price will be eventually increased with the progress of owning the collection. Early investors can enjoy special benefits as the price will rise by the second Drop. The initial offering will stay until August 31, 11:59 PM ET this year and the second Drop will take place from September 1, 2022. Such an alluring offer comes with a great return that can empower every investor. The Legendary Traits for Undead in Space costs from .035 ETH to .07 ETH due to its rarity in the project. The company is inviting everyone to be part of this NFT journey and invest right away to create a fruitful future.

Based in Florida, MPreview LLC is a well-revered company for offering the best customer experience to all. For over two decades, the company has evolved itself to offer each customer their needed items without hassle. The company is well known as the MPToyStore which offers rare toys and collectible items to everyone. It has also developed seven mobile applications for android. Keeping 100% transparency with the clients, this licensed agency is currently entering the NFT space to create a brighter future for the NFT asset owners as well as potential investors. Offering a personal touch, the latest NFT program of Undead in Space is creating a special bond among the NFT owners around the world. Be a part of the journey and create a bond with NFT at

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