YKOFX’s Energy Contracts Registered Volume Growth Later This Year

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YKOFX is pointing out a higher demand for oil and natural gas contracts comparing with the previous years

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Yokohama, Kanagawa Apr 2, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – YKOFX, a Pan Asian exchange with an innovative and robust product suite that provides its clients with some of the best trading facilities, today announced that energy contracts have registered volumes surge in the last part of the year due to higher demand from market users.

Liquid spot order books for both oil and natural gas contracts are accessible from the time of the launch with bid and offer spreads, and involve quoted in-depth out to several years forward. The delivery of implied pricing means that tradeable complete monthly contracts are visible on the screen along with a real-time transparent forward curve out to several years.

Kakuji Ryusuke, Executive Director of Metal Products, stated: “In cooperation with other leading industry participants, YKOFX.org follows the innovative path by introducing a range of exchange-traded and centrally cleared products to the market comprising spot, daily, and monthly futures contracts for oil and gas. This encouraging start for our oil and natural gas contracts leads to the strong point of industry support for our exchange, which is designed to offer alternative solutions for the Asian market involving challenges such as continuous regulatory change, increased regulatory capital, and transparency standards. That is a way to strive for the modernization of our business services”.

“The volumes increase in the case of energy contracts is highly encouraging and describes the market’s tendency to achieve comprehensive exchange-traded offering meant to balance and develop the energy market. We have firmly restructured the business vision behind YKOFX that has been initially created and we are confident that this industry solution will help the wholesale energy market evolve in the interest of all its participants”, said Choei Ono, Head of Global Commodities.


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