The new dog on the crypto block – Introducing Robu inu Financial Coin

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Robu inu Financial Crypto Coin is making a run for the top of the pack

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- San Francisco, California Apr 1, 2022 ( – 1. What is Robu Inu Financial and how is it influenced by NASA?– Robo Inu Finance was inspired by NASA’s ambition to bring the robotic dog to Mars. The token was launched in Nov 2021, and there are currently about 3,000 holders. Robo Inu Finance is working on 3 flagship projects: RoboWallet (convert crypto to fiat directly to the user’s bank and track crypto/fiat expenses). RoboLaunchpad is an incubator for new projects. It allows holders to have early access to new tokens while project owners can help to raise capital. Lastly, RoboNFT Marketplace is a marketplace for highly valued items being auctioned daily.

2. What are the benefits of getting the Robu inu Financial Crypto Coin?– There are many things you can name it but one of the biggest incentives is the token’s value, holders or the community has a chance to be part of a fintech startup corporation at the early stage before major corporation or investors are aware of it. Even though the name INU makes it like a meme coin, we are trying to build a meme fintech coin. This is also to explain how we are differentiating ourselves from other meme coins and of course, we release the dashboard for our holder to track reflections (this is an immediate incentive when you purchase the token on uniswap). Apart from reflections, we strongly believe that community is everything so we have various campaigns to incentivize the RoboWarriors who are actively on social medias talking to people about the tokens. An amount like 500 to 1500 is given away to people on a monthly basis for winning the campaign. We had also given out 3eth worth of tokens recently. When RBIF hits ath again we will be giving out another 2eth worth of tokens each to two people. The current price needs to do about 2x more to be there. At the same time, we just launched a campaign for all of our owners. When $RBIF hits 5000 holders on etherscan a big airdrop will be made. As a person who leads this project, I want the community to  be involved as such I will continue implementing things that will motivate them in terms of monetary values or other rewards

3. Are all big decisions be guided and voted by the community #RoboWarrior?– RoboInu is a community-driven project now, the owner as the dev had renounced ownership. So all big decisions are guided and voted on by the #RoboWarrior community.

4. Where can you purchase Robu inu financial crypto coins?– RoboInu ($RBIF) belongs to the ERC20 network and we listed it on the Bitmart exchange nearly 1 month ago. So you can buy $RBIF on Uniswap and Bitmart. I’ll put the link below.

5. Can Robu inu financial coins be found on crypto platforms? Where?
– You can find RoboInu coins on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko platforms.

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