YepiPet introduces Smart QR ID tag helping pet owners find their lost pets

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Help for lost pets – No special microchip equipment required.


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The free mobile pet care app YepiPet announces the launch of its newest product: YepiTag! Aside from being a stylish accessory for all pets, YepiTag is a simple and effective solution for helping pet owners recover their animals if they ever get lost. Using QR Code technology, YepiTag is both easy to handle and very effective, taking advantage of modern tracking devices and smartphone technology, without the disadvantages of GPS or Bluetooth tracking devices.

Losing a pet is one of the biggest fears of every pet owner. According to the American Humane Association, one out of three pets gets lost at some point in their life, and over 80 % of the missing pets are never found.

In order to help concerned owners get their beloved friends back safe and sound, YepiPet has created their first smart Pet Tag: YepiTag.

The smart Pet Tag

While there are several pet tracking solutions on the market, many of them come with inconveniences: GPS devices are mostly expensive and heavy, plus, they need frequent recharges and monthly mobile data plan subscriptions. Bluetooth tags on the other hand need compatible cellphones to work and become unreliable in sparsely populated rural areas.

This is why YepiTag chose the QR-technology for pet identification. QR stands for “quick response” and uses a unique QR code that can be read and understood by any modern smartphone. Robust, easy to use, and very reliable, this method requires nothing more than a cell phone with internet reception to identify a found pet, receive important information, and most importantly contact the owner. Now, anyone with a smartphone can identify a found pet, receive helpful information about it and send a message to the owner that will include the current location of the pet, based on the finder’s GPS coordinates.

How it works

After purchasing YepiTag, pet owners need to download the YepiPet app and create a profile for their pets. Once this is done, they can scan the unique QR Code on the back of their YepiTag to pair it. From now on, the pet is protected.

If the pet gets lost, any person who finds it simply needs to scan the QR code with a smartphone to access the owner’s emergency contact information, important details like health condition or medication, and much more.

More than a tracking device

The smart pet tag also allows pet owners to easily share all kinds of information about their pet. Whether it is weight and growth details, vaccination status, favourite foods, or even the last time you took a walk. Based on the information you save in YepiPet, the app automatically generates a fully customizable health report that can be easily shared through YepiTag. From now on, friends, family, groomers, or veterinarians will have all the info they need to know about your pet in the palm of their hands.

Pet Management App with Advanced Functions 
There are many additional features available in YepiPet: advanced care activity-tracking features, reminders, even price search and watch features for pet products. YepiPet is a smart solution for every caring pet parent. And the best part about it: all YepiPet features are currently free to use!

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