Intelligent Diva Returns with her new single So Sophisticated

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On All Streaming Platforms March 31st

The Multi genre Billboard Artist Intelligent Diva Does it Again

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Jacksonville, Florida Mar 28, 2022 ( – Talk about women’s empowerment. From the US to Europe the artist Intelligent Diva continues to climb the charts with hit after hit. The multi-genre artist has surpassed her goal of landing on the music charts with singles such as ” No Justice”, “Sexy Walk”, “Not Making Love”, “Work It Out “, “Your Love Is Dope”, ” Sex to a Sax”, “In My Feelings”, “Baby I Love You” and “Sinner’s Prayer”.  When she initially started, remembered the major label feedback of being told that she needed to get her streams up, next hearing the feedback of the major labels stating that she wasn’t on any charts. Now, the feedback is different. The feedback she receives now is based on social media and the need of having 1 million followers. The artist has chosen to remain independent and continue to self-fund her record label.  The artist now not only owns 1 record label. She currently owns 2 record labels Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records. 

Intelligent Diva released her first single “Baby I Love You “, which is currently charting on DRT Top 150 Independent Charts, Cashbox Magazine, and World Record Radio. The single Baby I Love You. Now back with her second single dropping on March 31st, So Sophisticated is the second single dropping under Diva Underground Records. The artist focuses on original music and having her own sound. The single So Sophisticated was written back in 2020, by Intelligent Divz and produced by SFR Beats. The single is about women who are intelligent, strong, and independent. She shares the story about women being judged by how they look, such as the color of their hair, their skin, being too trendy. It doesn’t mean the person is not intelligent. How trendy or fashionable you are doesn’t define who you are? 

A sophisticated person is considered a person who has traveled the world, keeps up with current fashion trends, is highly intelligent and inquisitive, converses well, is active socially, and has a wide range of similar acquaintances and friends. This women’s anthem is for all the ladies across the world. Intelligent Diva wants your own to be sophisticated and for everyone to love it! 


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