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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Orange, California Mar 25, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Over the course of the earth-shaking rise of tokens launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), many teams have attempted to create a project offering sustainable high APY rewards. Most succeed for a short time, before fizzling and fading into the growing graveyard of forgotten tokens. Generally existing on nothing more than Ponzi-nomics and hype, these tokens are akin to hot-rodding a cheap stock car. Sure, you might get some quick acceleration out of the gate, but good luck driving it for more than a few weeks or months if you’re lucky.

Thankfully, through a rigorous level of testing in addition to the application of knowledge from some of BSC’s most experienced developers and coders, OVERPOWERED FINANCE has emerged with a groundbreaking project built from the base to survive the test of time, and outperform the competition to boot. By utilizing the advances made from the SAFUU Protocol (which in turn, was the premier TITANO fork launched on the BSC) and zooming out to plan out the project for the long term, Overpowered has begun to cement itself as one of the BSC’s new powerhouse blue-chip tokens. Let’s dive into what sets Overpowered apart from the rest, and why its launch and performance so far has been so electric.

At its core, Overpowered is a reflection token with the highest sustainable APY offered anywhere on the BSC, clocking in at a whopping 400,977% per year. In addition, Overpowered has set the precedent for making these rewards last. This will be accomplished via multiple factors, predominantly through a combination of token burn (removing tokens from circulation permanently, therefore increasing scarcity), expert management of the treasury fund to provide properly timed and effective marketing, as well as injections directly back into the chart. The combination of this voltaic APY and an ironclad framework set up to support it onward and upward is what makes Overpowered in a league of its own for staking and auto staking tokens alike. However, that’s not all that Overpowered has to offer. If anything, it’s the tip of the iceberg.

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Tax Breakdown:


Thunderdome 2.5% Which is the primary token-development wallet, to be burned at carefully chosen events when the chart needs a boost!


Insurance 5% Which is used for marketing and development.


Treasury 0.5% Which is used for buybacks that are either burned or utilized for strategic, long-term influencers.


Liquidity 4% Which provides price stabilization and encourages larger buys.

Sell 6%












Additionally, Overpowered Finance is building an ecosystem around the Overpowered Protocol. This begins with holder-only and for-hire charting tools, a launchpad for OP token holders, a metaverse game that incorporates all OP ecosystem tokens, a smart contract asset manager, and more. Wielded by a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience, ranging from business development to Defi ecosystems and everything in-between, Overpowered Finance has set itself up to deliver for years to come.


Another important aspect of sustainability that Overpowered Finance excels at already is community. Any project benefits from a strong community, but with the long-term goals of the project, an engaged and growing community is all the more critical. To promote this, the team has placed large efforts towards engagement starting before the Overpowered token had even launched. For project information, social media pages are kept consistently updated, along with announcements via the official OP Finance Announcement Telegram. For community engagement, the team conducts AMAs, hosts Twitter Spaces, and provides community buy contests to further reward investors beyond the already sky-high APY.


Safety and verification in a long-term project like Overpowered Finance are critical. The team is fully cognizant of this fact and has taken steps above and beyond to provide both for its investors. Liquidity is locked via Mudra for 6 months to start, with renewed locking planned whenever needed. Additionally, the liquidity generated from the 4% of the trading tax will be continually locked as well. Recently the team has also begun the onboarding process of a Certik Audit, one of the most highly esteemed audits in the crypto space. This is a massive feather in the cap for a project this early after its launch. This leads directly to another benefit of investing in Overpowered Finance – how early it is. In comparison with its predecessors Titano and Safuu, Overpowered boasts not only a higher APY, improvements to the contract, and a 13-year starter timeline, but also a much smaller market cap. This provides early investors with the potential for even more massive gains beyond their auto staking rewards. At the time of this article being written, Safuu is sitting at around a $105m market cap, with Titano at just over $700m. In comparison, Overpowered is currently around a $4m market cap, meaning a potential gain of 25x its current value to reach Safuu’s value, and over 175x its current value to reach Titano. With the roadmap and 13-year function in play, these milestones may not just be achievable, but inevitable.


To conclude, the future of Overpowered Finance seems to be truly supercharged, earning its name quite well. With everything the team has in store for the project, the moon itself may not be the limit for how high it can go. Stay tuned.



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Link Tree: https://linktr.ee/OverPoweredBNB


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Telegram: https://t.me/OverpoweredPORTAL


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